Monday, August 18, 2008

An Angel in our Midst

I need a moment to request prayers and to offer thanks to Christ for the blessing of Abigail Jane Warren. Abigail is the daughter of some friends, Lauren Lea (Magin) and Jay Warren. She was born with Zellweger's Syndrome and graced this earth for almost three months. But in this short time, AJ brought an abundance of love and blessings to all of those that she touched. She was a happy baby that could only be described as beautiful. She was truly meant to be an Angel, and we were just lucky enough to meet her before she ascended to her heavenly home. Please offer prayers for the Warren family, and join me in celebrating this young, blessed, miraculous life. Abigail will forever be loved.

These are photos of Girl's Night with Kristin, Lauren, Abigail and I. I believe Kristin and Lauren to be two of the strongest, bravest, most amazing mothers that I know. But strong as she is, Lauren could use your prayers now. Join her in celebrating her beautiful daughter's life.

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Shyla said...

Oh my God I can't imagine!! Is there anything that I can do for them? If so please please tell me I am more then happy to take food, clean, or whatever they need. On the other hand I am so happy for you and Skip. I can't wait to see your pregnancy progess over the next several months and meet the baby. Me, Sean, and the kids love you and Skip so very much.

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