Monday, August 11, 2008

O'Douls Ain't Too Shabby!

Well, we started Week 5 at the coast on a couple's trip with some friends and had a great time! I sampled an O’Douls or two… pretty good! The beach was super fun and I still feel great… I just nap a lot!

The past week has been full of sweet comments, emails, phone calls, hugs, and cards from dear friends and family congratulating us. We thank each and every one of you for sharing in our joy. A few people deserve some extra special thanks for their kind giving:
“Aunt” Kristin K- gifted us a pregnancy book (I have already devoured these and will continue to do so!)
“Aunt” D’Ann- baby’s first Longhorn pacifier! Hook ‘em! (baby will be attending many games this year because Skip and I got season tickets!)
Sissy (my mom)- a pregnancy book and a pair each of teeny tiny pink and blue booties!
“Aunt” April- a Longhorn bib and some adorable cowboy boot booties
“Aunt” Candee- an offer of some hand-me-down maternity clothes for the work place- yay! And a beautiful handmade gift card that the coast gang all signed. (check out for amazing stationary, custom invites, and photos!)
Aunt Shannon- Cousin Benjamin & Cousin Julia’s crib, changing table, and various other items that will become family heirlooms!

We are so blessed!

Along with the well-wishes, come the plentiful advice, instructions, and personal stories. Well-meaning people that we love inundate us with “you must do this,” “this is the only thing that works,” “get used to this,” “you can no longer do that,” “just wait until this,” and of course “my way is the only way!” We do love to share this with everyone, but we believe we’ll do it our way! :-)

During this week, our baby will develop a brain and a heartbeat! This photo of a baby at 5 weeks is too cool not to share! (it is only the size of a sesame seed!)
Thanks again for sharing in our immense joy. You are yet another gift in our blessed life!


Kristin Kneupper said...

YAY!! I can't wait to see the munchkin's (or munchkins') first sonogram!!! Only a few more days! I'm glad that you don't despise the O'Douls, that will surely keep you satisfied throughout the next 9 months.

Lauren Lea Warren said...

It was great seeing you Thursday night. I am looking forward to another ladies' night and discussing how big your little "sesame seed" is growing.

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