Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Family Member

That's right, 2 humans and 3 animals in a doublewide just wasn't chaotic enough for us. Meet our new baby, Abbie! She is two months old and we rescued her from a shelter. Her one blue eye and one brown eye just tore at our hearts and we HAD to bring her home. She is a cow dog... We think she is primarily Catahoula, but she may also have some Australian Shepherd or Blue Heeler in her. Hondo & Sydney are both cities... so we stuck with the theme and named her after Abilene. Hondo is annoyed with her biting his tail and ears... but rolls his eyes and is patient. Sydney is in heaven having someone to play with and they are wild together! Lucchese the cat is not a happy camper... but then she never was! We know you will love Abbie just as much as we do!


Amy said...

That is a darn cute dog!

Anonymous said...

The puppy is really cute. I can see why you couldn't say no. When there are not any kids to chase around, what better way to spend your time hanging out with your dogs. Enjoy the new pup.

Anonymous said...

by the way it is Heather

Molly said...

We also have 3 dogs and a cat, but we wouldn't trade all the crazy times for anything! Our cat pretends she doesn't like the dogs, but when they're outside, I think she secretly misses them. Have fun with the new addition!

Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

Could she be any cuter?! I don't think so! She is so adorable and those pictures you took are fabulous. I can't wait to meet the little gal!

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