Friday, October 17, 2008

A Life Well Lived

Sad news in the Hughes-Kane-Lietz family. My grandfather, Guy Hughes, has passed away. Grandpa battled cancer for many years but decided he was ready to meet Christ. He was one of the best men I will ever know. He served his God, his country, his family, his community, and his church. Grandpa led men in prayer during wars, and brought lost, imprisoned men to prayer through his KAIROS prison ministry. He was 81 years old and deeply loved his wife of 56 years. He had a huge heart, was a big Longhorn fan, and he enjoyed traveling the world. Grandpa was the heart of a large and loving family, and he helped make each and every one of us a better person.

A song by Emerson Drive called "A Good Man" describes him well...

"(He left) a legacy of love and laughs and honesty behind (him)… (He) lived a good life, loved a good wife, and always helped someone in trouble... He was a father, brother, neighbor and a friend. He was a Good Man."

It may sound trite, but the very best way to describe Guy Hughes is as a Good Man. The very best man. And he will be missed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The annual Lietz get-a-way to the Red River Rivalry in Dallas was especially sweet this year! We had a fabulous time with our big gang of family and friends... and our dear Longhorns beat the crap out of the Sooners! Hook 'em baby!
The guys played in the 21st annual OU weekend invitational golf tournament, we all got heartburn from Fletcher's corndogs, and washed it down with lukewarm, overpriced fair beer. The football game was obviously the highlight, but we also put in an appearance at Humperdinks and celebrated our victory at Gilley's in downtown Dallas. Life as a Longhorn is OH SO GOOD!

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