Monday, January 26, 2009

Fertility Tests and Clomid!

I went to see my OB/GYN last week... and she walked in about 7 months pregnant... which is that I would be if I hadn't miscarried. That was sad, but it quickly got SO MUCH BETTER! She is very proactive about helping us get pregnant.

This morning I had an HSG. (hysterosalpingogram) They inject dye into your uterus to make sure all of your pipes are flowing and there are no blockages. $1,000 later and we know that everything is clear and normal! Ouch! But, they also say that your chances of conceiving within 3-4 months after an HSG are very high! I like that!

Next month we will also get a Sperm Analysis to make sure Skip's little men are swimmin' and I will get an FSH test to make sure I am producing quality eggs. I will ALSO start taking Clomid in mid February... so with all of this testing and the fertility drug, I just know it won't be long until we are pregnant again! Yippee!!!!

If for some reason we aren't pregnant by August (1 year from the miscarriage), then she will have us try some more options, such as IUI. Hopefully we won't need it, but I like knowing that we have options out there. And if all else fails, we know for sure that adoption is a wonderful thing!

I feel like we are taking positive steps forward and I am very optimistic. Skip is being very supportive and encouraging. He is going to be such a good Daddy. We can't wait to be parents! Thanks for your prayers, friendship, and love!


Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

That is some very expensive and fabu news!!! I am so happy for you guys and look forward to hearing more in the very near future! For now I wish you happy hookie nookie!!!! Love you guys!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

Yeah! I am sure you will be bumping bellies with your friends soon! We are so excited that you both are staying optimistic. Keeping my fingers crossed!

D'LAINE said...

Such wonderful news!!! I know everything is going to work out beautifully. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending me this! I have been wondering about you guys and am ready to get the exciting message of a baby for you soon.
Love you!
Paige Culp

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