Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. In the blog world, Not Me! Monday is a fun way to air your dirty laundry without really confessing to anything! Here goes...

I did not hear about a friend of a friend that designs blogs and might want to do mine for free, and then immediately go stalk her blog. That would be creepy, so not me! And I was not totally impressed with her talent and did not feel the need to promote her at This, That & My Blog.

I did not take 3 naps this weekend, because that would be completely lazy.

I did not laugh when Adorable Loving Husband (ALH) asked if he could be called Adorable Sexy Stud instead. I am not still laughing,
not me.

I did not put my cat in the parrot cage so that they could taunt each other. And I was not delighted when the parrot learned to say “meow” in under 5 minutes,
not me!

I did not tell ALH that I would help design, build, prepare, plant, and tend a garden… and then completely skimp on the work. I did not spend an hour starting seeds while he did the hard manual labor, not me! I also did not find him at all sexy as he worked… all sweaty and dirty and strong…
not me!

I did not attend a small town rodeo with loads to look at and spend half of my time checking out other photographers’ lenses. I did not covet some of the super fancy equipment they had, because that would be unChristianlike, so not me!

I did not spend an hour of my time at work writing this post and sending out a promotion for my
Spring/Easter Portrait Special... I would never use company time for personal things, not me!
I did not just get a call at work from someone named Judy Golightly... and then at the end of her sales pitch I did not say "thank you for calling, Holly." She did not correct me and I certainly was not awfully embarrased!

I did not curse at the computer when I tried to submit this entire post and a $@&# server error erased it all, not I! (and I am not so stupid that I can't recover it on my own)

I would never do any of these things... nope, not me!

1 comment:

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

My husband always checks out others cameras as well. I tell him he's staring, but I guess this is an accepted practice among photographers?!
I read your post below- good luck with the pregnancy trying. I am sure your Adorably Sexy Stud hubbys sperm will do just fine

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