Monday, March 16, 2009

Pinch Me, Poke Me, Prod Me... Just Knock Me Up!

This morning I started Acupuncture for Fertility. And I LOVE it!

Acupuncture is helpful for infertility issues, and is especially useful in improving the success rates for IUI and IVF. For one, it reduces stress. Stress increases cortisol in your body, which lowers progesterone. Progesterone is critical for getting and staying pregnant. Acupuncture also increases the blood supply to your ovaries, supporting the formation and release of healthy eggs. Finally, it increases the bloodflow to your uterus, helping to create the optimum uterine lining for implantation. After becoming pregnant, Acupuncture can also help prevent miscarriage.

My RE recommended acupuncture to me... and I'm down for anything that can help us! They have a husband and wife team that travel to the clinic so that treatments can be done in the same, convenient place as all of the other poking and prodding involved in assisted reproduction. I will go twice a week until our IUI (about 2.5 weeks), once after the IUI, and then once after our pregnancy test. If it fails, I can continue the acupuncture through the IVF process.

This morning I went in for my consultation and in less than 10 minutes she had needles in me! And no, they don't hurt at all. She put some in my feet, one or two in my legs, one over each ovary, one in my hand, and a few on my scalp and forehead. She also placed a heat lamp over my uterus. It doesn't feel warm on the skin... it heats from the inside out, sending this feeling of warm bliss all over my body!

She left me there pricked and warm with a sound machine playing in the room for half an hour. She came back far too soon and I felt wonderful! Refreshed and relaxed and optimistic!


Kristin Kneupper said...

I've always wondered if it hurt! It sounds ever so relaxing. This is one step in the right direction :) I'm so glad that it went so well!

Jessica said...

That's neat! I never knew that it could aid in fertility treatments!

Anonymous said...

Well obviously I don't want to be preggers, but I think I could get into the accupunture relaxation thing.
Do potential grandmas qualify for the tx? If so I volunteer!!
Mamma L.

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