Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Thoughts on miscarriage...

As little as a year ago, miscarriage was almost a dirty word. I had no experience with it and the word seemed to be whispered like tragic gossip. It seemed so far away, something that could never affect me. And I’ll admit it, though I knew it was a heartbreaking fact of life, I always thought it had something to do with the woman. Like it was somehow her fault. Like something must be wrong with her. But obviously I’ve come to know miscarriage intimately over the last year. I understand how common it is. 1 out of 3 or 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. The average woman will have 1 or 2 miscarriages in her life and never even know about them. They could just present as a slightly late period. I know now that it isn’t my fault. And it isn’t a dirty word. It is heartbreaking, but it is God’s way of sending only perfect babies made in His image.

Many people have not-so-subtly hinted that when we get pregnant we should keep the news to ourselves for at least 12 weeks. I don’t know if they are concerned that we might be embarrassed by the miscarriages, or if they just feel uncomfortable dealing with the news themselves. But secrets aren’t my style. We have an amazing support system, and they are there for us in good times and bad. I don’t see the point in celebrating, praying, worrying, and suffering alone. God gave us friends and family to love us and we want them with us every step of the way in this beautiful life.

Speaking of my support system… I am just so blessed. I have a husband that makes me feel safe, treasured, and happy. I have family that know me inside and out. I have friends that offer to bring me chocolate, get me drunk, or just snuggle up and cry. I have a Bible study group that prays for me and offers me support and guidance. I have babies and children in my life that fill my soul with joy. I have far-away friends that cheer me with a text or a phone call. I have confidantes that have been in my shoes before. I have everything I need. But you know who has helped my heart heal the most? 3 family members that love me unconditionally and give really good kisses...


My internet "friend" MckMama needs your prayers. The youngest of her Many Small Children, Stellan, is having some heart troubles. Lift him up and keep his family in your heart.

Prayers for Stellan


My real life friend Lauren Lea Warren is an amazingly talented artist and designer. She has a cool new blog for her business. Check it out! (she is also designing a new photography logo for me!)

Pixels, Pencils & Paintbrushes


One of the babies I love to love on is Mr. Kouper Shane Kneupper. And boy does he have big news! Along with his older brother, Kayson, he is expecting a baby brother or sister in October! Kouper is one cool kid. But he is always dealing with medical procedures, so your prayers couldn't hurt!

Our One In A Million Kouper


About two weeks ago, my maternal grandmother passed away. Shirley Hughes was the most loving biatch, ever. Understand, I say that with love and respect. She was a strong Christian and gave freely of herself. But God love her, she could be a real snob! She was married for 56 years and bossed around an amazing family. We celebrated her life last week in a ceremony at the Cross on the Happy H Ranch. She suffered for many years from Alzheimer's and we are thankful that God has taken her home.


My friend D'Laine is getting married this weekend! We wish we could be in Las Vegas with them, but we are sending our love to 'Laine and Victor. (who are also expecting another baby for us to love on!) CONGRATULATIONS PACHECO FAMILY! What happens in Vegas will bless the rest of your life!


And finally, just so you know that I am really okay, here is one of the self portraits that I took on Sunday...


Jessica said...

Seems like you have wonderful friends & a great support system! You're set!

I am SO praying for sweet Stellan, too! Bless his heart.

Ooo! And, I CAN'T WAIT to see the logo Lauren is designing! She seems to be one talented woman!

And, I am just so excited about Kouper's brother/sister too! Yay!!

Sorry that was so jumpy...so much to say!! :)

Kristin Kneupper said...

What a beautiful post!! That self portrait is gorgeous! Maybe you should get in front of the camera more often (career in modeling perhaps)!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

I don't know what I'd do with out my support system either... glad that you are a part of it!

Love you!

Jessica said...

man, you are a lot like me...posts all over the place!! You are such a strong and beautiful woman!! Seriously, your self portraits are beautiful! If I would have known about you sooner I would have had you do my Christmas card pictures!! Maybe next year.

ps. what camera do you shot with!? I am researching.

Lauren Lea Warren said...

God Lord you're HOT! That is a GREAT photo of you! You are going to be an AMAZINGLY successful photographer, I just know it! I am telling everyone about you, and I actually have some work for you, we'll discuss later.

You are so right in what you said about there being no reason why we should live through hardships on our own. I have learned that over the last year. We have brought and kept those individuals in our life for many reasons, one being we know they will help us heal.

You are beautiful person inside and outside (as I so poeticlly said earlier :) ) I thank God everyday for you and the many others in my life. Thank you for reminding me to say my prayers.

Casey J said...

Good post Chels! I'm glad you aren't keeping things to yourself either. It gives the rest of us who aren't trying, something to hope for. It also gives me (and many others) something to look forward to when sitting at work all day. We are all hoping, pulling, and praying for you and Skip. You will get your perfect baby, I just know it!

Brooke Lowrey said...

This is such a beautiful photo of you Chelsea!

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