Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Much Love to Give...

My Adorable Loving Husband thinks that everytime I get the baby blues or miscarry, we get another pet.
He could be right...

I can't help it if my heart is overflowing with love to give! But these baby ducks and adorable bunny were for my Easter/Spring Portrait Special. I had 15 kids to the ranch in 3 days and took over 2000 photos! I am very pleased with the results, see a few of the pics on my photography blog.

The baby ducks will live on our tank when they are big enough. The baby bunny is going to a very good home. My friend Bobbie has a 2 year old daughter and is giving birth to twins boys any minute now... and this brave woman wants a bunny to care for, too!


During our fertility testing, a blood test showed that I was not immune to Rubella (German Measles). Obviously, I got the MMR vaccine as a baby, but must have gotten a dead Rubella virus. 91% of the population is immune, but I guess I'm still lucky I never ended up like this...

Anyway, getting rubella while pregnant can be fatal to the fetus. (this is not what happened, I have never had rubella) So, I rushed downtown to get vaccinated. However, I can NOT get pregnant for a full month or the vaccine would likely make me miscarry. {sigh} Not even being able to TRY for 4 weeks makes me feel extremely useless.

So our next step is to go through a bit more testing in a week or two. (read: spend more money we don't have) The doctor thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with us and that there is no reason our next pregnancy shouldn't be a healthy one... but we will test to make sure.

I hope that in 4 weeks our RE will approve IUI with Clomid right away. If not, we will try naturally with clomid for awhile. I have NO DOUBT that we will have a baby in 2010... but I'm getting tired of waiting! And I honestly don't think I can afford to feed any more animals...


Kristin Kneupper said...

Girl the good news is, even if you got Rubella you wouldn't look like that! LOL

It's really strange because I have the same thing. I wonder why there's a lapse like that. Strange. But... I'm happy to hear that you've got the all clear soon. Hopefully you'll have a one-shot wonder! Now I'm heading to your photog site to check out all your pics!

sissy000 said...

I'm pretty sure I remembered to take you to the pediatrician to get all of your shots????
Your Mom

Jessica said...

baby fever is the exact reason why I am pound puppy shopping right now!! :) I am jealous of your ducks though.

Your pictures are GREAT and your blog and website look awesome! Looks like you have been working hard.

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