Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cowboy Fun

Most of you know that Skip grew up calf roping, taught by his Papa Don (grandfather). ALH built an arena on the ranch, and for the past year or so has been practicing and competing. You should come see him in Bulverde one Tuesday night for the roping or Saturday night for the Tejas Rodeo. (small town fun at it's finest!)

Last weekend ALH's little brother Zach came out to play...


It's a nice ass! (copenhagen ring and all)


sissy000 said...

We should charge for our Diamante Rodeo! Okay, we'll offer free beer to get some people out! Love, Cowgirl Sissy

Joanna said...

I really hope that's Skip's rear, not Zach's.

Jessica said...

You are too funny! Always something unexpected...

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