Friday, May 1, 2009

National Infertility Awareness Week

It is National Infertility Awareness Week. And you know I've never been secretive or ashamed... the world should know that getting knocked up ain't always easy.

Now those of you that usually comment are my real life friends and aren't infertile (thank God!)... but I have a feeling there may be some infertiles lurking out there... they read, they scan... but they don't comment or follow publicly.

That's cool, I'm happy to have anyone willing to read my ramblings. BUT... if you feel like this is your moment to de-lurk... I'd love to hear your story. How long have you been TTC? Any losses? Do you know what the problem is? Tried IUI or IVF? How are you feeling? What is your status right now? Maybe someone used to have fertility problems and now wants to share their baby bliss? Whatever it is, I want to know. Please leave comments! (even if they are anonymous, and even if you come across this post months from now)

And if you don't feel like sharing with me... check out Fertility Authority... they have a post this week asking infertiles to share the "One Thing" they wish they could tell their fertile friends, their family, anyone who doesn't quite get it. I found myself nodding and agreeing with almost every post. It's nice to know you aren't alone!


Jessica said...

This is something I haven't experienced yet, and I hope that I never have to. BUT, I do know someone, several people actually, who have experienced SO much of what you're going through. Thank you for giving those women a voice, too!

Jeffry and Morgan said...

I loved all of your comments! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

The Trost's said...

I just wanted to share that I have seen an fertility specialist since college, when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was also told that I only had about 5% chance of getting pregnant on my own by 3 different specialists. Here I am with 2 beautiful girls - both conceived without intervention. It will happen for you when the time is right.

womb for improvement said...

I guess I count as a lurker!

Been trying for two and a half years but currently on birth control designed to sort out my womb. I am now half way through a six month enforced wait and it is driving me a bit crazy! never managed to get even a faint second line on a pregnancy test but hopefully, if everything goes according to plan I'll be having IUI in August. Wish me luck. And best of luck for you too.

C and C Mommy said...

Hey Chelsea!!

I had two miscarriages before I was able to deliver 2 beautiful babies. I thought that I would get married, take BC until I was ready to get pregnant, then stop BC and VIOLA....get pregnant! Well, that happened, but then I lost both of them. One was really early...the other at 10 weeks. I went to a Fertility specialist and after several tests, they decided I had a septate uterus. I had surgery to correct it and 3 months later I was pregnant again. I was tested every week for progesterone levels and that was stressful, but Cheney was born healthy!! Then, Chandler was born 4 years later. God is in control of your life.....just turn it over to HIM!!

Melissa said...

I just read through all of your blog (yes all of it) :-) and I just want to tell you how happy I am that you have finally received the positive test and I hope the 3rd time really is the charm! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that this is a successful pregnancy! You brought tears to my eyes in so many ways with all your troubles and you are a strong woman for all you've been through and you give me hope. My hubby and I have been ttc just under a year now and I've been at rock bottom for so long. I was on the depo shot for several years and got off in June 07 when we got married as we knew we wanted kids in the near future (I never thought we would have problems getting pregnant but now I realize how difficult and how common it is). I'm going to see my obgyn next week to see if we can start other options and/or start checking to make sure we are both working correctly. He has not wanted to do anything yet b/c he wanted us to try for a year and he needed to let my depo shot work it's coarse to get out of my system. However, still nothing! I have a close friend that is also trying and has had 1 miscarriage so we have really been supportive of each other but it's so hard to keep pushing through and see so many other people be blessed with a child as we struggle for so long. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope to stay in touch with you!

Chelsea Lietz said...

Melissa- I hope you see this. I wish I had a way to contact you directly. I'm glad you found my blog, and have come across many others who have struggled. I've heard it takes a bit longer than you'd like for that shot to clear your system. I'm praying that your time is now, and that you and your husband will be happily preggo very soon! I hope you'll follow the blog, and feel free to email me anytime at Chelsea(at) (in fact any of you guys can!) God Bless.

Melissa said...

Hey Chelsea - I just sent an e-mail to the address and it came back undeliverable. Is this right?

Chelsea Lietz said...

I must be the biggest idiot in the world! the baby is already eating my brain!

I had my own email address wrong...

It is ckane@dirtdealers(dot)com

Maggie May said...

I just wrote a whole blog post about my experiences with endometriosis and healing and pregnancy. :) I also have a golden retriever- aren't they the best!

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