Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Third Anniversary

Last week was our third wedding anniversary. We have been together 7.5 years and happily married for 3. Time flies when you're having fun!

After running the Beach to Bay Marathon at the coast, we headed back home to repack our swim suits. My fabulous God Parents let us stay in their lake house on Lake LBJ for a few days to celebrate. We had a relaxing good time with fishing, movies, reading, soaking up the sun, and enjoying each other's company. My Adorable Loving Husband made some awesome steaks on our anniversary night.

Alas, the real world called and we had to return to work... for ONE day before our 3 day weekend! he he! On Friday we went to Hooters with some friends. Hooters has become part of our anniversary celebration. The first two years we were there to watch the Spurs in the playoffs. Sadly, we weren't doing that this year. But it sure was fun! Some people think I'm crazy for going to Hooters on a holiday that should be romantic... but they don't know that Skip has promised that our 10th anniversary will be somewhere exotic like Hooters- Aruba or Hooters- Sao Paulo!

After some tasty wings we went to a dancehall, and you KNOW how ALH and I love to dance! A great anniversary, and another great year together! Love is wonderful!


Lauren Lea Warren said...

You guys are so cute and fun! Happy 3 years!

The Beasons said...


Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

Congratulations!!! That's so funny... Phillip and my first date was at Hooter's! We watched a Texas/A&M game... love it! You guys are a beautiful couple, inside and out! Love it!

MoonNStarMommy said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! My husband's and mine is in December this year... the big 3 years :) We've been together 3 years in a few days! YAY!

I happened across your blog doing a search for infertility stuff (for another blog) ... and I wanted to say - NEVER give up hope! I read a little bit, and I have to say that 1: my son has a bleeding disorder (ITP) and 2: I fought through 5 years of infertility after him (my oldest) and now I'm am blessed with 4 rowdy boys!

I'm going to start to follow your blog :)

Jessica said...

Happy 3 years! These pictures are adorable.

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