Monday, May 4, 2009

Wake Up Call

A few weeks ago my RE did 6 or 7 tests on me and one on Skip to see if we could determine why I was miscarrying. He warned me that most people don’t get an answer from these tests and might never know why they miscarried.

I thought this sounded awful, I thought just knowing “why” would make it easier to swallow. Having answers was always better then being in the dark, right?

This morning the overly optimistic {child bearing} nurse calls in her annoyingly high pitched voice…

Nurse: “Chelsea, this is Nurse Cratchet from Dr. Arredondo’s office. Listen honey, we got some lab results back from the testing we did a few weeks ago."

Me: {stomach knots up}

Nurse: "And there is definitely something the doctor would like to discuss with you, so you need to make an appointment for a follow up."

Me: {a wave of nausea overcomes me, and not the kind I’ve been hoping for} “Okay.”

Nurse: “Miss Lietz, are you alright?”

Me: “Mmm-hmm.” {I squeak} “Well, in the meantime, do I need to do anything differently? Like use protection?”

Nurse: {Shuffling some papers} “Yeah, honey, I think that might be a good idea. The doctor will go over everything with you.”

Me: {crying hysterically and attempting to politely hang up the phone}

I make it to work, so scared I can hardly breathe. I numbly sit at my desk and open my mail. It’s a bill for the aforementioned blood tests. $993.14. I add it to my ever-growing stack of medical bills.

Me: {sobbing and absently wiping at snot… at the office, in the middle of the workday}


BeickerFamily said...

wow Chelsea hope that the doctors appointment is soon.... you are definitely in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea--when is your appt? Sorry you're having to deal with this. ((HUGS)))

sissy000 said...

Same question....when is the appointment? Maybe nurses/doctors should not frighten you so much!
We will be praying for you both as you move closer to understanding everything. Love, Mom

Kristin Kneupper said...

Like I said last night. Hopefully this appointment today will give you some insight and a solution! And the offer is still on the table if you want me to take out that nurse for you! :)

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