Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

I know...
I'm getting a little carried away.
But I love reading all the cool blogs out there. And when I meet a new "friend," I always want to support his/her contests and social games. Plus... you all know I can't resist great photos OR animals!

My friend at Two Dogs, A Girl, and a Husband's Grace is introducing Mutt Mondays.

You guessed it... sharing a photo or cute story about your dogs. And well, ALL 1000 photos I have of our three thrilling pups are worth sharing. Here are 2 from a sibling photo shoot of Hondo, Sydney, and Abbie...

And no, you can't have them.


My parents were in Mexico when the news that this pregnancy might be "the one" was joyfully shared. When they returned, they gave Skip and I a frame for our future nursery with this inside...

Being hormonal and always overly sensitive, I was moved to tears. It doesn't take much these days. But Baby Lietz will know that his "Sissy" & "Tai-Pan" loved him since the beginning of time. (yes, I know it could be a girl... but I'm thinking blue!)
But the really cool thing is...
I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that hundreds of people are praying for us.
Even internationally!
All ages, all religions, even relative strangers!

That simply fills my heart with bursting love and gratitude. I'm sending up a prayer of thanks ten times over for each and every one of you.


Back to my blog "friends"... XBox is going to be a daddy! I don't know if they are the praying type, but it doesn't matter...he and his wife could use your prayers, too!
I'm not ignoring you, I promise. I've gotten a plethora of pregnancy questions and haven't answered them yet. I'm getting to it, really I am...


Lindsey said...

Your dogs are so cute! I like your blog!

Jessica said...

This is just the greatest thing! I'm so happy for you & Skip. You know, one of these days we should actually meet so that I can get to know you before Baby Lietz is here!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Thank you.

I'm not the best of pals with him up there at the moment but we gladly accept all well wishes from everyone and anyone.

Thanks again.

Valerie said...

Hi Chelsea.

How funny that you found my blog. Coincidentally, we didn't have the easiest time conceiving either, but in the end (I'll spare you the gory details since we just met!) we ended up with two little blessings. Life doesn't get any better than that!

Good luck with the pregnancy. I will add you to my prayer list that all continues to go well!


D. Leos said...

Congratulations! This pregnancy IS the one!

Jordan said...

I just love those puppies! They are so well behaved, sitting still in the pictures like that. Did you have to bribe them?

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