Thursday, July 30, 2009

By The Number...

101... shots of heparin I've given myself so far

465... approximate number of shots I'll take before this baby is born

6... times I've thrown up... pretty darn good, I'd say!

6... approximate number of times I smell something horrid each day

3... times I cry weekly... sad commercials, random moods, happy tears

160... approximate heart rate of Baby Lietz

155... my heartrate after walking up one flight of stairs

3... cold O'Douls I've guzzled

1... really sweet husband who is being helpful, understanding, and supportive

517... days since we started trying to conceive

4.4... average number of times I get out of bed to pee per night

4... hours of "good" sleep I get

4... inches in length of Baby Lietz

4... pounds gained so far

4... times we've seen baby on ultrasound (until next Tuesday!)

4... grandchildren this baby will make for the Kanes

1... grandchild this baby will make for the Lietz'(s?)

6... Tums I devour in a day

37... days until Longhorn Football. (what?! Baby L is already a fan... ask my FIL)

8... pregnancy books stacked beside my bed

72... average age in my water aerobics class

175... approximate days left to prepare for this baby's arrival

2... very happy parents we will be!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

13 Week OB Appt.

Baby Lietz is growing like a weed! About the size of a peach… he/she is almost 4 inches long.

Today was our first appointment with my regular OB. (I LOVE her!) Anyway, the baby looks wonderful and everything is right on track. The 3-4 pounds I have gained in the first trimester is just right for a woman who didn’t throw up much and always felt hungry.

I was so excited to be upgraded to the belly ultrasound wand rather than the vaginal one… but now I’m not. The picture was not as clear and the baby was a lot harder to see. But, we got pictures nonetheless. These are a head measurement (top) and a length measurement.(bottom) I have no idea why this baby is so long/tall! {he he}

My OB does not have a lot of experience with heparin injection patients and since it is risky, she has deemed me “high risk” and referred me to a specialist that I will see in conjunction with her. Most women are scared to be high risk, but I’m thrilled! For one, I will get loads of extra ultrasounds… but mainly, I wanted a doc experienced in preggos with my blood clotting issues.

Doc confirmed that I will be induced somewhere around 37-39 weeks. (a January baby… sorry Skip!) This is so that we can stop the heparin a day or two before the induction so that I won’t be at a greater risk for bleeding during delivery. As of now, I can still deliver vaginally and can get an epidural. {phew!} I will learn more about all of this when I see the specialist.

Skip and I have done a lot of reading and praying and have decided not to do the optional nuchal translucency screening. This NT scan is to assess your risk of down syndrome and other abnormalities. The test will give you a risk percentage and if you want further testing, you can get a CVS test or amniocentesis. For one, at our age, our risk should be low. Secondly, I do not want CVS or amnio because of the miscarriage risk involved, because of the high number of false positive and inconclusive results, and because even if diagnosed with a problem, we would not choose to terminate. Once again, we feel that God is in control.

So I’m starting the second trimester up 4 pounds. And now I’m supposed to gain a pound a week for the next 3 months! This blows my mind… but the people that have seen how often I eat think I’ll have no problem! I am also exercising- walks on the ranch, swimming laps, and water aerobics with the old ladies. I’m feeling much better and really loving every moment.

I’ll see the specialist in the next week or two, and my OB again in a month. In the meantime, I’ll just watch my belly grow and thank God each and every day for this miracle!

Coming soon… another question and answer post like this one.
So go ahead… fire away!
What do you want to know?
What pregnancy questions do you have?
There ain’t much I won’t answer…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Poor MckMama and family are again hitting their knees for their precious son, Stellan. The sweetest boy on earth is again/still in the hospital with heart issues.

Prayers for Stellan

MckMama is far too busy for a "Not Me Monday." But as I continue to pray for Stellan, I decided to do one in his honor... besides, it's been awhile.

This weekend while babysitting my youngest niece, Harper, I most certainly did not try to convince her that I should be her favorite aunt. And I would never do this by giving her cookies and hugs and special treats. Not me.

When we went swimming, I did not allow her to do risky things like stand on the stairs by herself, relax solo on the floats, blow bubbles in the water, and jump off the edge into my arms. Not me! I would understand that this is dangerous because this child is fearless.

And since I was swimming with my young, precious niece, I would never let our dirty ranch dogs into the same pool. Not me.

I most certainly did not need a 15 month old to remind me to reapply the baby block. Not me.

I would never EVER let those dirty dogs kiss Harper's face, covering her in slobber while I just clicked away on the camera... not me!

And so it goes without saying that I wouldn't let Miss Harper return that favor...

Not me!

After a long day of swimming and eating our body weight in fruit, Uncle Skip and I did not give Harper a few bites of pizza because she kept signing "more, more. eat, eat."

Not us!

However, when said adorable niece mumbled "Shelsy" when I asked her if she loved Aunt Chelsea... I shouted out with glee, "That's me! That's me!"

And a few more cute photos to share...

Who has the cutest nieces and nephew in the world?!

That would be ME!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

!Tres Meses!

We are 3 months pregnant!

That’s right, 12 weeks along today! YAY!

Some say 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester, and some say 14 weeks… so I’ll just celebrate twice!

We may be 3 months along… but don’t let that fool you, we aren’t 1/3 of the way done yet. Nope… that 9 month thing is a LIE. Due dates are at 40 weeks… that’s 10 months! (of course 2 weeks of it all are before you even conceive, but who cares, right?)

A normal woman’s risk of miscarriage drops to 1% at 12 weeks. And I’m certainly not normal with my 2 past miscarriages, but I’m feeling confident and hopeful. With this blood clotting thing, a problem could occur at anytime, but I’m trusting my doctors, the heparin, baby aspirin, and folic acid to do their jobs. At this point, all we can do is leave it in God’s hands. And we have Faith!

To celebrate our 12 week mark, I finally threw away the three pregnancy tests that have been in my bathroom for months now. They were always reassuring to me, and made me smile each time I saw them. But I don’t need a reminder that I’m in the family way… and I’ll soon have a bump to prove it! {I do have a teeny tiny one emerging that is tough to see since these photos are from different angles}

All I know is that so far, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Yo Adrian!"

Over a year ago I joined a discussion board for women trying to conceive. It was the beginning of my journey and it began as 15 or so girls discussing the best ways to get pregnant.

We talked everyday and Skip called them “internet friends.” But they became so much more. I know these women, their husbands, their pets, their dreams. We have been through disappointment, joy, marital issues, stress, miscarriages, births, heartbreak, fertility treatments, career problems, and day to day life. The perfect mix of women from all walks of life… brought together by the common dream of having a family.

We truly know each other, love each other, and will be life-long friends. These amazing women held me up when miscarriages threatened to bring me down. They kept me hopeful and faithful and strong.

When my “real life” friends didn’t quite know the right things to say, these Yuku girls kept me going.

And I like to think that I’ve done the same for them. I love them just as much as I love my “real life” friends.

And you know what? Now my internet friends ARE my real life friends! Seven of us were fortunate enough to meet up in Boston and Philly for our first of many annual reunions.

One already a mommy, three of us pregnant, two not yet pregnant, and one already a mommy but longing for another baby… we were quite a site! Gathered from all over the country, we were the perfect mix of ages, personalities, and backgrounds. We laughed, cried, talked, talked, and talked some more for a long weekend of girl time.

Hannah was a gracious host in Boston to Melanie and I. We spent a couple of days seeing the sites of Boston (Fenway!) and meeting Hannah’s friends and family. Boston is beautiful and has some seriously delicious food!

The three of us drove down to Philly to meet up with the rest of the gang. The hugs and laughter and nonstop chatter commenced! We listening to our unborn babies’ heartbeats, we went swimming, we ate (a lot!), we shared even more of ourselves.

Jenni, a Philly native, was nice enough to show us around town with her son, Matthew. We took a double-decker bus tour through the beautiful city and learned some cool historical facts. We had more great food... including Philly Cheesesteaks. Only, I didn't have one because the sight/smell of meat can make me sick without warning. (though I really felt great the whole trip!)

The hormones were flying, ankles were swelling, and morning sickness meant lots of snacks. We were loud and silly and hyper. I’m sure we were quite a sight!

Jenni was ever-so-sweet to invite all of us into her home for a BBQ. We also decided to make it a surprise baby shower for Francine and Hannah. So with great food, more laughter, a baby for me to photograph, and baby gifts to coo over, we had a wonderful time!

We are already planning next years’ trip… imagine us with 8 or 9 babies in tow! I can’t wait to see these girls again, and I hope even more girls from the board decide to join us.

Like I said… lifelong friends!

Melanie, Hannah and I in Boston, after stuffing our faces at Faneuil Hall.

The gals gathered outside Independence Hall & The Liberty Bell.

We're silly, and I love it.
Listening to Baby Emily's heartbeat.

Is Baby Lietz hiding from us?

That's right, runnin' up the Rocky steps!
We made it!

Beautiful view of Philadelphia.

After yet another meal.
Heidi, Melanie, Francine, Erin, {me}, Hannah, Matthew, Jenni

The adorable Baby Matthew!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rejection Never Felt So Good!

We got the boot.

We were shoved out the door and thrown on our a$$es.

They never want to see us again.

That's right, we've officially been released from the RE's office!

I love Dr. Arredondo... but I hope I never see him again. (and you all know I won't miss one of his lovely nurses) He gave me the answers I needed to carry a baby to term, and I am forever, forever grateful! (and perhaps forever in debt)

Doc says Baby Lietz looks fabulous and I'm now under the care of my regular ol' OB. I see her in 2 weeks for yet another ultrasound! I'm excited... but a bit sad, since I probably won't get another one after that until I'm 20 weeks. I've gotten spoiled getting them every 2 weeks or so! How do you "regular" preggos do it?!

Anywho... the ultrasound this morning was my favorite yet!

Baby Lietz looks like a baby now! Even if he/she does have a huge head! (the head is on the left)

Our future bundle of joy was dancin' around, waving tiny arms and legs! It was fabulous to see. I can't wait to feel it.

The heartbeat was 169 bmp. The crown to rump measurement put the baby at exactly 11 weeks. So, he/she only measured one day early... but Doc still made a joke about us having a big baby since we are both so tall. :-)

I am on top of the world! The baby is thriving, I'm already feeling better, I have the best looking husband in the world, and LIFE IS GOOD!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun Ticker

This is fun to watch each week...


There is another one on my left side-bar, but it won't post correctly here. In fact, there must be a million cute tickers and widgets out there, but they won't post and keep freezing my internet explorer... so I quit!

Coming soon... a ultrasound on July 15th, an ultrasound on July 28th, and a post about my super fun trip to Boston and Philly!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Not Complaining, BUT...

“Morning” Sickness really sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be sick if it means I’m pregnant. I’m thrilled that it means the baby is thriving and growing.

But it isn’t fun.

85% of the time I sit around with a sour look on my face, looking miserable, pissed off at the world, and like I smelled something awful. (which I probably did) I’m not actually miserable and pissed off, I’ve just never been very good at hiding my feelings. And I feel crappy!

I don’t want to look miserable and sour… I want to look how my heart feels… elated!

But I have almost constant nausea. I told Skip it is like a really bad hangover when it feels like you have acid sloshing around in your stomach and only food makes it feel better. Except that it doesn’t go away.

Even so, I am counting my blessings that I am pregnant enough to be sick. And that I haven’t been throwing up from dawn ‘til dusk. So far, I’ve only vomited 5 times… and that is pretty damn great in my book!

It could be so much worse… especially since I usually gag at the sight of meat, when I brush my teeth, when I get too hot, when I smell fish, when my tummy is empty, when someone smokes a cigar, etc, etc. But I rarely actually get sick.

The even better news?… this sickness thing is supposed to peak around week 8-10, and then taper off! So… almost out of the toilet bowl! (lets hope… an unlucky few feel sick much, much longer)

{Speaking of luck and vomiting... I know, I know... shame on me for thinking this... but if I'm going to be sick, why can't I be one of the girls that loses weight in her first trimester!? shame on me...}

But back to the barfing…

The first time I yakked, I was showering. Yes, I blew chunks on myself in the shower. You may think this sounds convenient? It isn’t.

It. Was. So. Disgusting. I don’t recommend it.

The next day, I barfed into a ziplock bag (thanks for that priceless tip, Courtney!) while sitting at a red light. As I was wiping my mouth, a bit smug that I’d been so prepared, I looked over and saw 3 teenageish guys laughing at me in the next truck. Awesome.

But it gets worse.

My humiliation knows no end.

The other morning I was in my bathroom going #2. {Yes, girls do this.} The humiliating part?

The smell of my very own poo made me gag. And sure enough, I was sitting on the pot, heaving into my trashcan.

Too much going on at once, in my opinion.

My new “most embarrassing moment.”

Can you beat that?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleepless Summer Nights

If you've spoken with me in the last few weeks, chances are I wasn't truly listening.

I was either scouting out an emergency vomit location out of the corner of my eye, or longingly planning my next nap. (or both)

I am always tired... but give me a break, I'm growing a human here.

For awhile there I was taking at least an hour nap everyday and sleeping about 10 hours a night. It was fabulous.

But all of a sudden I can't sleep. I am still exhausted... but I don't sleep well.

I expected this when I had 20 extra pounds, a kicking baby, swollen feet, and an aching back.

I didn't expect it now when I don't yet have a noticeable baby bump and the fatigue is still such a factor.

People keep saying it is just training for sleepless nights with a newborn.

Do I blame it on getting up 5-6 times a night to pee?

Is it those crazy, extremely vivid dreams that no one warned me about?

Is my body already changing so much that my back aches and I can't get comfortable? {leading to much tossing and turning}

Is it my annoying cute dogs licking my face at 5 am to go outside?

I'm thinking all of the above... and I know what I need.

I need one of those wonderful pregnancy pillows everyone speaks of. But how will I ever choose one? There must be 30 preggo pillows on the market.

They have comfy looking options that totally surround you and support back and belly. But I'm like a furnace at night and I'm worried I'll burn up. Do any of them come with icy cores?

Do I need a full loop? a hook shape? a U?

What about these other options... wedges that look like infant positioners?

a belly wedge? the belly wedge might solve the heat and claustrophobic issue... but what about my back?

I need help here, people. I have to get this right.

These darn things cost about $75. That's half an ultrasound, or 6 days of heparin injections, about 17% of my current medical bills, or 2 weeks of lunch...

I wish I could rent some out and test them... but right now I just need a nap.

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