Tuesday, July 28, 2009

13 Week OB Appt.

Baby Lietz is growing like a weed! About the size of a peach… he/she is almost 4 inches long.

Today was our first appointment with my regular OB. (I LOVE her!) Anyway, the baby looks wonderful and everything is right on track. The 3-4 pounds I have gained in the first trimester is just right for a woman who didn’t throw up much and always felt hungry.

I was so excited to be upgraded to the belly ultrasound wand rather than the vaginal one… but now I’m not. The picture was not as clear and the baby was a lot harder to see. But, we got pictures nonetheless. These are a head measurement (top) and a length measurement.(bottom) I have no idea why this baby is so long/tall! {he he}

My OB does not have a lot of experience with heparin injection patients and since it is risky, she has deemed me “high risk” and referred me to a specialist that I will see in conjunction with her. Most women are scared to be high risk, but I’m thrilled! For one, I will get loads of extra ultrasounds… but mainly, I wanted a doc experienced in preggos with my blood clotting issues.

Doc confirmed that I will be induced somewhere around 37-39 weeks. (a January baby… sorry Skip!) This is so that we can stop the heparin a day or two before the induction so that I won’t be at a greater risk for bleeding during delivery. As of now, I can still deliver vaginally and can get an epidural. {phew!} I will learn more about all of this when I see the specialist.

Skip and I have done a lot of reading and praying and have decided not to do the optional nuchal translucency screening. This NT scan is to assess your risk of down syndrome and other abnormalities. The test will give you a risk percentage and if you want further testing, you can get a CVS test or amniocentesis. For one, at our age, our risk should be low. Secondly, I do not want CVS or amnio because of the miscarriage risk involved, because of the high number of false positive and inconclusive results, and because even if diagnosed with a problem, we would not choose to terminate. Once again, we feel that God is in control.

So I’m starting the second trimester up 4 pounds. And now I’m supposed to gain a pound a week for the next 3 months! This blows my mind… but the people that have seen how often I eat think I’ll have no problem! I am also exercising- walks on the ranch, swimming laps, and water aerobics with the old ladies. I’m feeling much better and really loving every moment.

I’ll see the specialist in the next week or two, and my OB again in a month. In the meantime, I’ll just watch my belly grow and thank God each and every day for this miracle!

Coming soon… another question and answer post like this one.
So go ahead… fire away!
What do you want to know?
What pregnancy questions do you have?
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D'Laine Pacheco said...

LYEA!!! I'm so excited for you :) Wish I had only gained 3-4 pounds my first trimester...try about 13!!! But it's all worth it, even the swollen feet. Love ya'll and can't wait for all of the awesome updates!!!

Kerry said...

I am soooo happy for you both. Enjoy every minute! The changes your body goes through is strange, interesting, cool and awesome! It is so good that you are exercising. I wish I had. It is good for you and the baby and should help when you deliver and with recovery. I didn't have the tests either. I was young and anything God gives me is perfect. Take care and I look forward to your updates!

sissy000 said...

We are so excited that Baby Lietz is progressing perfectly! We wholeheartedly support your difficult decision on whether or not to have the NT scan......it's all in God's capable and loving hands! Love, Sissy and Tai Pan

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good little one!!! (I think it's a boy... but we'll see!) I'm glad that you'll be going to a specialist, it's very reassuring. Are you going to McFarland? She is who we've gone to for both Kouper and now Kylar and I love her. I opted out of all tests too. I got a false positive on the triple screen with Kayson and all it did was stress me out! Anyway I am thrilled to pieces for you and glad that everything is going well! Grow belly, grow!

MoDLin said...

I'm so glad that the ultrasound looks great. Good news. And it's good that you'll be seeing a high-risk doc for that extra attention since your OB isn't that familiar with heparin. Sounds like you're in good hands and doing very well. GREAT!

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