Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Poor MckMama and family are again hitting their knees for their precious son, Stellan. The sweetest boy on earth is again/still in the hospital with heart issues.

Prayers for Stellan

MckMama is far too busy for a "Not Me Monday." But as I continue to pray for Stellan, I decided to do one in his honor... besides, it's been awhile.

This weekend while babysitting my youngest niece, Harper, I most certainly did not try to convince her that I should be her favorite aunt. And I would never do this by giving her cookies and hugs and special treats. Not me.

When we went swimming, I did not allow her to do risky things like stand on the stairs by herself, relax solo on the floats, blow bubbles in the water, and jump off the edge into my arms. Not me! I would understand that this is dangerous because this child is fearless.

And since I was swimming with my young, precious niece, I would never let our dirty ranch dogs into the same pool. Not me.

I most certainly did not need a 15 month old to remind me to reapply the baby block. Not me.

I would never EVER let those dirty dogs kiss Harper's face, covering her in slobber while I just clicked away on the camera... not me!

And so it goes without saying that I wouldn't let Miss Harper return that favor...

Not me!

After a long day of swimming and eating our body weight in fruit, Uncle Skip and I did not give Harper a few bites of pizza because she kept signing "more, more. eat, eat."

Not us!

However, when said adorable niece mumbled "Shelsy" when I asked her if she loved Aunt Chelsea... I shouted out with glee, "That's me! That's me!"

And a few more cute photos to share...

Who has the cutest nieces and nephew in the world?!

That would be ME!

1 comment:

sissy000 said...

Those have to be the cutest pictures and comments to go with them! I love my kids and grandkids!

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