Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleepless Summer Nights

If you've spoken with me in the last few weeks, chances are I wasn't truly listening.

I was either scouting out an emergency vomit location out of the corner of my eye, or longingly planning my next nap. (or both)

I am always tired... but give me a break, I'm growing a human here.

For awhile there I was taking at least an hour nap everyday and sleeping about 10 hours a night. It was fabulous.

But all of a sudden I can't sleep. I am still exhausted... but I don't sleep well.

I expected this when I had 20 extra pounds, a kicking baby, swollen feet, and an aching back.

I didn't expect it now when I don't yet have a noticeable baby bump and the fatigue is still such a factor.

People keep saying it is just training for sleepless nights with a newborn.

Do I blame it on getting up 5-6 times a night to pee?

Is it those crazy, extremely vivid dreams that no one warned me about?

Is my body already changing so much that my back aches and I can't get comfortable? {leading to much tossing and turning}

Is it my annoying cute dogs licking my face at 5 am to go outside?

I'm thinking all of the above... and I know what I need.

I need one of those wonderful pregnancy pillows everyone speaks of. But how will I ever choose one? There must be 30 preggo pillows on the market.

They have comfy looking options that totally surround you and support back and belly. But I'm like a furnace at night and I'm worried I'll burn up. Do any of them come with icy cores?

Do I need a full loop? a hook shape? a U?

What about these other options... wedges that look like infant positioners?

a belly wedge? the belly wedge might solve the heat and claustrophobic issue... but what about my back?

I need help here, people. I have to get this right.

These darn things cost about $75. That's half an ultrasound, or 6 days of heparin injections, about 17% of my current medical bills, or 2 weeks of lunch...

I wish I could rent some out and test them... but right now I just need a nap.


thenewsestnewsome said...

Those look heavenly!!! Insomnia is always my first sign of pgcy, even before I POAS! its horrible!
BTW, not sure if your comfortable with this, but I have oodles of orange heparin, still sealed in their boxes that I will not be using now that I have discovered the brown top ones! I know its expensive for a lot of poeple, but it only cost me $20, so youre welcome to it if you need it- as I said theyre still sealed from the pharmacy... Not sure if youre in the unlucky group that has to pay beaucoup dollars...

rhilborn said...

Praise the Lord that your sweet baby is making sapping your energy! Seriously, that's a blessing:). I didn't care to have a pregnancy pillow until about 6 months and mine was the Boppy's version which is like, you guessed it, 2 nursing Boppy's stuck together. I would bet that once you get into your 2nd trimester your sleep and exhaustion will wane as your belly and energy grow:). I personally would wait as long as possible to buy a pillow because so much of the decision of which one is most comfortable will depend on how you carry. Plus, I was so sick of it by the end!

Anonymous said...

Girl, buy a cheep one that is the straight one.....I borrowed one from a friend....and that first trimester fatigue IS A KILLER. hang in there!

Kristin Kneupper said...

I sleep with one pillow on each side of me. I have had to do that for a while! Those pregnancy pillows look heavenly... but really don't do much more than a normal pillow can. (In my opinion.) Sometimes I put the pillow between my knees which helps relieve the back pain. Otherwise when I'm more on my side/belly I put my top knee on the pillow and have the other leg straight. Making any sense? Also you can safely take Tylenol PM, Benadryl, Unisom while pregnant... but check with your doc just to make sure!

Another great thing is progressive relaxation... here is a blurb from babycenter about it.. works really well..
Progressive muscle relaxation
It may take you several weeks to master progressive relaxation, but once you do, it can really help you sleep. Lying on your bed or even on the floor, you can release tight muscles by first tensing and then completely relaxing them.

Focus on one group of muscles at a time and alternate between your right and left side. Start by tensing and releasing your hand and forearm muscles, followed by your biceps and triceps, face and jaw, chest and shoulders, stomach, thighs, and so on until you reach your feet. (I'm sending you an email also....) hope this helps! Love ya, K

Chris and Katherine said...

Um...I might as well have written this post! Youa re telling my life story (a couple months ago)! I was exhausted ALL day...could nap at any given moment, but then could NEVER sleep at night, eventhough I was exhausted! I bought the Bobby brand good. Wish I'd gone with the "Snoogle" or the bigger full U shape one. Having something behind you is nice, b/c then you won't roll over onto your back (becomes more uncomfortable later on). Also, the peeing actually has become less frequent for me...I'll hope the same for you.

Melissa Trost said...

I had the snoogle and loved it! Rylan sleeps curled up in it now and Joel even stole it from me quite often. I highly recommend the website, and you get a discount (10%?) the first time you order it plus anything over $49 is free shipping. And if you order before 6pm I think it gets there in two days. Here is the link to the snoogle on their website but they also have an organic one but it is more expensive.
That website is freaking awesome and fabulous and I really love it. Good luck and hope this helps!!!

C and C Mommy said...

I say.....just use pillows you already have. I agree with Kristen! Sometimes I slept with one under my knees too. It helped my back. Keep it all in perspective--if this is the worse you feel, then you have it made!

I used to think that there was no way I would be able to go to work after some of those sleepless nights rocking a baby--but guess what? I made it pretty darn well & I can't even remember how tired I was then!!

Sarah said...

Once you have a big ole belly, I recommend the wedge. That thing saved me once I got huge! I also slept with a pillow between my knees. At first, just a regular pillow, but my then husband bought me a straight body pillow. LOVED it.

Rosalie and David said...

i much prefer to just surround myself with pillows i already have, that way you can add/subtract, move around and definitely put one between your legs. don't waste you're money, also use your hubby as a support as well! glad to hear you're feeling good, can't wait to see you this summer, we'll be there in 2 weeks! sending love and prayers!

Diane Moellering said...

I personally just used the pillows that I had 2 under my head, 1 small flat one under the tummy, 1 puffy one to hold, 1 between my legs, and 1 to stick behind my back with the edge tucked under my back and butt alittle .... I know I know that is a total of 6 pillows but it worked and it was much cheaper

Lauren Lea Warren said...

Sounds like you have advice coming out your belly button...All I can say is I slept with the Boppy version that only went on your front side and was best used for side sleeping. I also would fold it and use it under my legs when I laid flat. I liked it because kept me in the right position to eliminate back and hip pain. The key is to have something between your arms to keep your shoulders in line, something between your knees for your hips, and something between your ankles for your knees. It's ridiculous how complicated it all is. But either way I am so happy you are getting to ask these questions! I bet you are adorable preggers!

Bobbie said...

There were so many posts, I didn't read them all, so I'm sure I'm saying what someone else already did, but don't waste your money! As you said, you have more important things to spend it on. Like someone else said, regular old pillows work just as well. I used 3 this last time around with the boys. You're tall like me so get a body pillow or a king size pillow to put between your legs and under your tummy and then you can stuff regular pillows in any other places. It may not be as convenient, but it works and is cheaper! As for the fatigue and vomiting, it will most definitely get better starting in your second trimester. Hang in there!

Chelsea Lietz said...

Thanks girls! I love all of your advice/comments. I have been using several pillows... annoying Skip to no end! (I need a lot since I am so long) But my amazing friend Shyla has given me her pregnancy pillow since she doesn't need it anymore. Can't wait to try it! :-)

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