Thursday, July 23, 2009

!Tres Meses!

We are 3 months pregnant!

That’s right, 12 weeks along today! YAY!

Some say 12 weeks is the end of the first trimester, and some say 14 weeks… so I’ll just celebrate twice!

We may be 3 months along… but don’t let that fool you, we aren’t 1/3 of the way done yet. Nope… that 9 month thing is a LIE. Due dates are at 40 weeks… that’s 10 months! (of course 2 weeks of it all are before you even conceive, but who cares, right?)

A normal woman’s risk of miscarriage drops to 1% at 12 weeks. And I’m certainly not normal with my 2 past miscarriages, but I’m feeling confident and hopeful. With this blood clotting thing, a problem could occur at anytime, but I’m trusting my doctors, the heparin, baby aspirin, and folic acid to do their jobs. At this point, all we can do is leave it in God’s hands. And we have Faith!

To celebrate our 12 week mark, I finally threw away the three pregnancy tests that have been in my bathroom for months now. They were always reassuring to me, and made me smile each time I saw them. But I don’t need a reminder that I’m in the family way… and I’ll soon have a bump to prove it! {I do have a teeny tiny one emerging that is tough to see since these photos are from different angles}

All I know is that so far, I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!!


E said...

You look amazing, Chels!!! So happy for you!!

Jen said...

You are totally adorable!!!

Kristin Kneupper said...

I love milestones! That is so great to be at 12 weeks!!!! And your bump is more than adorable! I bet Skip rubs it all the time!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

A great milestone!! horray!
Did you get my email re: photography?

sissy000 said...

You are so adorable and we are so happy for the healthy progress of Baby Lietz! Love, Sissy and Tai Pan

sissy000 said...

YEA! Baby Lietz continues on the healthy trail to Chelsea and Skip's Front Porch! We can't wait! Sissy and Tai Pan

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