Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Yo Adrian!"

Over a year ago I joined a discussion board for women trying to conceive. It was the beginning of my journey and it began as 15 or so girls discussing the best ways to get pregnant.

We talked everyday and Skip called them “internet friends.” But they became so much more. I know these women, their husbands, their pets, their dreams. We have been through disappointment, joy, marital issues, stress, miscarriages, births, heartbreak, fertility treatments, career problems, and day to day life. The perfect mix of women from all walks of life… brought together by the common dream of having a family.

We truly know each other, love each other, and will be life-long friends. These amazing women held me up when miscarriages threatened to bring me down. They kept me hopeful and faithful and strong.

When my “real life” friends didn’t quite know the right things to say, these Yuku girls kept me going.

And I like to think that I’ve done the same for them. I love them just as much as I love my “real life” friends.

And you know what? Now my internet friends ARE my real life friends! Seven of us were fortunate enough to meet up in Boston and Philly for our first of many annual reunions.

One already a mommy, three of us pregnant, two not yet pregnant, and one already a mommy but longing for another baby… we were quite a site! Gathered from all over the country, we were the perfect mix of ages, personalities, and backgrounds. We laughed, cried, talked, talked, and talked some more for a long weekend of girl time.

Hannah was a gracious host in Boston to Melanie and I. We spent a couple of days seeing the sites of Boston (Fenway!) and meeting Hannah’s friends and family. Boston is beautiful and has some seriously delicious food!

The three of us drove down to Philly to meet up with the rest of the gang. The hugs and laughter and nonstop chatter commenced! We listening to our unborn babies’ heartbeats, we went swimming, we ate (a lot!), we shared even more of ourselves.

Jenni, a Philly native, was nice enough to show us around town with her son, Matthew. We took a double-decker bus tour through the beautiful city and learned some cool historical facts. We had more great food... including Philly Cheesesteaks. Only, I didn't have one because the sight/smell of meat can make me sick without warning. (though I really felt great the whole trip!)

The hormones were flying, ankles were swelling, and morning sickness meant lots of snacks. We were loud and silly and hyper. I’m sure we were quite a sight!

Jenni was ever-so-sweet to invite all of us into her home for a BBQ. We also decided to make it a surprise baby shower for Francine and Hannah. So with great food, more laughter, a baby for me to photograph, and baby gifts to coo over, we had a wonderful time!

We are already planning next years’ trip… imagine us with 8 or 9 babies in tow! I can’t wait to see these girls again, and I hope even more girls from the board decide to join us.

Like I said… lifelong friends!

Melanie, Hannah and I in Boston, after stuffing our faces at Faneuil Hall.

The gals gathered outside Independence Hall & The Liberty Bell.

We're silly, and I love it.
Listening to Baby Emily's heartbeat.

Is Baby Lietz hiding from us?

That's right, runnin' up the Rocky steps!
We made it!

Beautiful view of Philadelphia.

After yet another meal.
Heidi, Melanie, Francine, Erin, {me}, Hannah, Matthew, Jenni

The adorable Baby Matthew!


Kristin Kneupper said...

Wow, what a blessing to have such a great support system and group of friends! It's obviously you had a fabulous time! I'm really happy for you Chels. I hope that rest of your girls' dreams all come true too.

Anonymous said...

We had a blast Chels!! It was wonderful to finally meet all of you. You did a fabulous job on Matthew's pics. I can't wait to see you all again next year and to meet Baby Lietz!


Anonymous said...

I cried just reading this. Thank you for being my friend!


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