Friday, August 28, 2009

Contest Winner & A Poll

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for!

Well... maybe not.

But... announcing the winner of
my first ever blog contest...

Diane M. of Fredericksburg, TX!

Diane has two kids, the youngest is a boy... so she chose the 2D Zoo Blue pattern for her brand new Boutique Wipe Case handmade by

Congrats, Diane! Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope to have more contests in the future.


Now... you don't get a prize for this next bit... but if you are right, you get that smug satisfaction that comes with being the smartest person on earth.

This is your last chance to guess... will Baby Lietz be swaddled in pink or blue?!

Enter your guess at the poll on the left sidebar!

Hurry! Answer revealed in 4 days! {we hope!}

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In wonderfully amazing news, I felt Baby Lietz move for the first time yesterday!

I wasn't totally sure it was the baby I was feeling, but my OB confirmed it this morning. SO VERY EXCITING! ;-) I can't wait for Skip to be able to feel it.

I have felt it several times now and it should only start to get more frequent and more noticeable. My preggo friends give me a know-it-all grin and say to enjoy it now because I'll hate it when the baby keeps me awake in the later months. poo on them!

In yucky news, I have a stomach virus. I've spent two days sick as a dog and vomiting. No fun at all.

I saw my regular OB this morning for a standard visit and I'd lost two pounds in the last month. I was supposed to gain four. But we are sure the sickness has a lot to do with it, and doc isn't worried.

She prescribed me some lovely suppositories to help with the vomiting. Icky... but effective.

Baby L is doing well and had a heart rate of 160. I'll have the quad screen done this week.

Doc scheduled my "big" ultrasound for a month from now. It takes about 45 minutes and will check every piece of baby's anatomy. HOPEFULLY, we still find out the sex from my high risk doc next week... because I might die of curiosity if I have to wait another month!

Okay, back to bed for me and mine!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

11.5 "Kanes" do Colorado!

For our annual family trip, we visited Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA Family Camp near Winter Park. Surrounded by beauty and awfully thin air at almost 9,000 feet, we kept ourselves busy with... canoeing, fly fishing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, golf, carnival games, whitewater rafting, makeovers, pedicures, arts and crafts, card games, roller skating, zip lining, putt-putt, roasting s'mores, and more!
I had a blast hanging out with my nieces and nephew... and acting like a kid again! {roller skating is much harder than I remember!}

I took hundreds of photos... and you know I always have trouble choosing only a few. Of course, most of these are of the kiddos...

Thanks "Sissy & Tai-Pan" for another great trip! We will cherish these memories forever!
We can't wait for next years' trip... with a family of twelve!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cuatro, Vier, Cztery, Patru, Fyra...

We've made it to FOUR MONTHS!

Today marks 16 weeks, and as we cruise into Month 5, life couldn't be any better!

I am feeling great. (the majority of the time) I've still only gained 4 pounds and have no noticeable bump... but I sure have noticed my pants getting tighter! My uterus is the size of a cantaloupe and halfway to my belly button... so it can't go unnoticed too much longer, even with my tall frame.

Our baby is growing and growing! Baby Lietz is now long and lean. In the next few weeks he/she will begin putting on weight and I'll be able to feel the baby move!

Besides some back pain and occaisional headaches, I have no complaints. I don't have anything I'd really call cravings... but I eat a lot of fruit and pickles these days!

I have a regular OB appointment next week and on September 1st we see the high risk doc again. We are fairly sure we will find out the gender then... and that is only 12 days away! eeeeeee!

I haven't forgotten about the "You Asked It: Pregnancy & Child Rearing" Post. I got several questions by email and a few on comments. If you have anything to ask... fire away... I'll post my answers next week. (come on... ask something... you sneaky people that read and never comment!)

This second trimester is rockin' my world!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Stars At Night...

When I told you about my first contest... (enter if you haven't yet!)... I mentioned that I never win anything.

Sure enough, the next day I was told that I won my friend Jessica's contest! Jessica is a very talented blog designer at This, That & Your Blog. (she did mine!)

Anyway, she gave me a free favicon... that star you see in my window tab and anywhere I would normally have a plain, 'ol boring blog logo! Being a Texas Girl, I chose the star to represent the Lone Star State.

Speaking of Texas... only 17 days until Longhorn football!

Thanks Jessica, you rock!

Still lurking? Go enter my contest durnit!

The Stars at night, are big and bright... deep in the heart of Texas!

Friday, August 14, 2009

"I'm Doing Good."

Most of you know that bad grammar drives me crazy.

I don’t claim to be perfect, but I do my best. (I give myself some lee-way on this informal blog)

I’ve been lovingly (I think) called “the grammar police.” I’ve edited a novel and worked for a magazine. I love words… and using them correctly. Consistent grammatical errors and poor spelling makes you look ignorant and uneducated.

I can’t stand phrases such as:
“Where are you at?”
“With who?”
“It’s to expensive.”
“Me either.”
“She literally ate a cow.”
“I’m doing good.”

The only way to “do good” is by doing charity or good deeds. And I am.

I believe in the phrase from the Bible that says {paraphrased} “To whom much is given, much is required.”

Shouldn’t we all share the blessings in our life?

My parents raised me to give freely and joyfully. They were blessed, so they bestowed these blessings upon everyone they met. My family has always set an excellent example.

I, in turn, enjoy giving to others, and believe it to be very important. However, I don’t have much money. So I give of my time. And my heart...

For three years I have been a volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. Last month was the two year anniversary of my little sister, Elisa, and I being matched together.

Elisa comes from a complicated family life, so I fill the roles of mentor, friend, confidante, tutor, and big sister. I help her with problems at home, trouble at school, issues with friends, tough questions about life, etc.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I’m really busy. Or money is tight. Or I just don’t feel like driving to New Braunfels. But I always do… and I’m always thankful.

I promised an hour a week to Elisa, but it usually turns into more. She is kind, grateful, outgoing, and inspiring. I’m her mentor, but I always learn something from her, as well.

She doesn’t care if didn’t put on make-up, or if we just go to the park so that we don’t spend money. She only cares that I care about her. And I do. I love this child.

I want to be there next year when she starts high school. I want to be at her graduation, her marriage, her first child’s birth. I share my life with her, and want to share my future.

I hope she is in my life forever, because she will always be in my heart.

But I don’t tell you these things to brag about my good deeds, or get a pat on the back.

I want to know how you give back to this beautiful world.

Or I want to inspire you to start giving back. Big Brothers, Big Sisters is a great way to volunteer and I highly, highly recommend it! But whatever you do, get out there and make a difference!

God is good, life is good.

I am infinitely blessed, so I give. I give, so I am infinitely blessed.

Join me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Very First Contest Giveaway!

I am proud to announce my first blog contest!

The big bloggers with hundreds of followers do it all the time... and I never win!

But since I have fewer readers {sigh}, you have an excellent chance of winning!

My friend Rosanna makes adorable nursing covers, diaper bags, wipe cases, and more! They are very affordable, cute as can be, and handmade by a mother of two. She even does custom work! They make excellent gifts because they are so unique.

**You can win your very own Boutique Wipe Case!**

To enter my contest, follow these 3 easy steps...

1. Become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already). Find the blue tab at the top of the window that says "Follow Blog" or scroll down the left sidebar to My Followers and click "Follow." Nothing scary happens... no huge loads of spam... completely harmless.

3. Leave me a comment on this post telling me which pattern is your favorite! {but only one per person!}

The contest ends August 28th. I'll randomly select one winner. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Proud Aunt

My eldest niece, Julia is visiting the ranch for a week. The 5 year old Diva has kept me busy with fashion shows, swimming, craft projects, and a tour of Natural Bridge Caverns.

But her favorite topic these days is babies. She LOVES playing with her cousin, Harper. And she is quite eager to meet Baby Lietz... which is most certainly a girl, according to Julia.

I've rented a doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat whenever I feel like it. And Julia is fascinated. Now that she has proof of a baby being in there... (she, too, wonders why I'm not "fat") she goes on and on about it. In fact, she talks to my baby... (in her most serious voice; mouth near my belly button)

"Baby, this is your cousin, Julia. I love you already. We are going to have so much fun. You are going to love living on a ranch. "

And when we were down in the caves...

"Baby, we are underground in a cave and it is really dark. Are you scared? I'm a little scared. But it's okay because I'm bigger and I can always protect you from scary stuff."

Is that not the cutest thing ever? Now if I can only convince her that she really has to wait until after Christmas to meet this baby...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Could Watch For Hours!

This morning I met my high risk doctor, Dr. McFarland. She was great and very reassuring. We had a long level 2 ultrasound, allowing us to watch Baby Lietz dance around for awhile. There is a big flat screen tv on the wall for our viewing pleasure!

All measurements look great. He/She is rather tight in there, so we had to poke at my tummy to get the baby to squirm and change positions. At one point we annoyed the baby so much that he/she threw a little tantrum that looked like a river dance.

The doc confirmed that I am likely to be induced around 38 weeks. It could be sooner if I show signs of labor and the baby is fully "cooked," or later if the baby isn't yet viable. (unlikely) But she doesn't forsee any issues with inducing around January 21st. That's only 169 days!

Sadly, they couldn't tell us the sex just yet. But doc seems confident that we will be able to tell at our next appointment on September 1st. That's only 28 days!

Profile view. Don't worry, that is a blur, not a long, pointy witch nose!

View of the spine and baby sucking thumb.

Top of the scull with hands by his/her face.

Looking down and dancin'!

We are so thrilled that things are moving along and baby seems healthy! Mom is feeling great and is ready to look pregnant!

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