Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cuatro, Vier, Cztery, Patru, Fyra...

We've made it to FOUR MONTHS!

Today marks 16 weeks, and as we cruise into Month 5, life couldn't be any better!

I am feeling great. (the majority of the time) I've still only gained 4 pounds and have no noticeable bump... but I sure have noticed my pants getting tighter! My uterus is the size of a cantaloupe and halfway to my belly button... so it can't go unnoticed too much longer, even with my tall frame.

Our baby is growing and growing! Baby Lietz is now long and lean. In the next few weeks he/she will begin putting on weight and I'll be able to feel the baby move!

Besides some back pain and occaisional headaches, I have no complaints. I don't have anything I'd really call cravings... but I eat a lot of fruit and pickles these days!

I have a regular OB appointment next week and on September 1st we see the high risk doc again. We are fairly sure we will find out the gender then... and that is only 12 days away! eeeeeee!

I haven't forgotten about the "You Asked It: Pregnancy & Child Rearing" Post. I got several questions by email and a few on comments. If you have anything to ask... fire away... I'll post my answers next week. (come on... ask something... you sneaky people that read and never comment!)

This second trimester is rockin' my world!


Jen said...

You can def see a thickening if not a bump yet! Either way, you look AMAZING!! xoxo Jenni

Rob and Nicole said...

How exciting! I am 24 weeks today and had about the same weight gain until my last appt. last Friday...I had gained 8 pounds! Oh well, I also just started to really show, I am a nurse and you can't tell at all with my scrubs on! Your little baby bump will be there before you know it and it will be so awesome! It will also be so neat when you can feel the baby move, that is the greatest feeling in the world! I am so glad God blessed us with the ability to bear children and that he didn't give it to the guys! God Bless you and your growing little one, and your husband!

Kristin Kneupper said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe you're almost 5 months already. I cannot wait until your bump grows bigger and bigger! I am so glad that you're pregnancy is going well and rather smoothly. It's such a beautiful and precious time. Not much longer until we can start calling it "him" or "her". It's hard to believe that our little ones will be so close in age (roughly 3 months!!), they'll have fun gettin' in to trouble together! Love you!

Anonymous said...

You can totally see a bump there! Congrats!


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