Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Could Watch For Hours!

This morning I met my high risk doctor, Dr. McFarland. She was great and very reassuring. We had a long level 2 ultrasound, allowing us to watch Baby Lietz dance around for awhile. There is a big flat screen tv on the wall for our viewing pleasure!

All measurements look great. He/She is rather tight in there, so we had to poke at my tummy to get the baby to squirm and change positions. At one point we annoyed the baby so much that he/she threw a little tantrum that looked like a river dance.

The doc confirmed that I am likely to be induced around 38 weeks. It could be sooner if I show signs of labor and the baby is fully "cooked," or later if the baby isn't yet viable. (unlikely) But she doesn't forsee any issues with inducing around January 21st. That's only 169 days!

Sadly, they couldn't tell us the sex just yet. But doc seems confident that we will be able to tell at our next appointment on September 1st. That's only 28 days!

Profile view. Don't worry, that is a blur, not a long, pointy witch nose!

View of the spine and baby sucking thumb.

Top of the scull with hands by his/her face.

Looking down and dancin'!

We are so thrilled that things are moving along and baby seems healthy! Mom is feeling great and is ready to look pregnant!


Sarah said...

Beautiful U/S pics!

Kristin Kneupper said...

YAY!!! I love Dr. McFarland!! Baby Lietz is lookin' fabulous! Grow baby, grow!! (And baby bump too!)

Jessica said...

I'm so happy to see that and hear all of the good news. Let the countdown begin!



Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! Funny, we are both 13 weeks, 5 days!

Bobbie said...

Dr. McFarland was our doctor with the twins! We absolutely loved her! Aaww, that's so cool...tell her we said "Hi"! Glad to see all is well! You're in great hands!

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