Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Proud Aunt

My eldest niece, Julia is visiting the ranch for a week. The 5 year old Diva has kept me busy with fashion shows, swimming, craft projects, and a tour of Natural Bridge Caverns.

But her favorite topic these days is babies. She LOVES playing with her cousin, Harper. And she is quite eager to meet Baby Lietz... which is most certainly a girl, according to Julia.

I've rented a doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat whenever I feel like it. And Julia is fascinated. Now that she has proof of a baby being in there... (she, too, wonders why I'm not "fat") she goes on and on about it. In fact, she talks to my baby... (in her most serious voice; mouth near my belly button)

"Baby, this is your cousin, Julia. I love you already. We are going to have so much fun. You are going to love living on a ranch. "

And when we were down in the caves...

"Baby, we are underground in a cave and it is really dark. Are you scared? I'm a little scared. But it's okay because I'm bigger and I can always protect you from scary stuff."

Is that not the cutest thing ever? Now if I can only convince her that she really has to wait until after Christmas to meet this baby...


Anonymous said...

Awwww, how sweet!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

soooo adorable!

Kristin Kneupper said...

That is so sweet!!!

Sarah said...

That is just too freakin cute!

sissy000 said...

Julia and I just read your "A Proud Aunt" posting. She got a big "kick" out of it! She DOES alreaady love her baby cousin Lietz!
Love, Sissy

Brooke said...

I love how she's throwin' THE HORNS!! She knows what's goin on!! I love it. Julia looks gorgeous in those pics! She's going to be a heart breaker! And the best cousin ever!
love you! xo

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