Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In wonderfully amazing news, I felt Baby Lietz move for the first time yesterday!

I wasn't totally sure it was the baby I was feeling, but my OB confirmed it this morning. SO VERY EXCITING! ;-) I can't wait for Skip to be able to feel it.

I have felt it several times now and it should only start to get more frequent and more noticeable. My preggo friends give me a know-it-all grin and say to enjoy it now because I'll hate it when the baby keeps me awake in the later months. poo on them!

In yucky news, I have a stomach virus. I've spent two days sick as a dog and vomiting. No fun at all.

I saw my regular OB this morning for a standard visit and I'd lost two pounds in the last month. I was supposed to gain four. But we are sure the sickness has a lot to do with it, and doc isn't worried.

She prescribed me some lovely suppositories to help with the vomiting. Icky... but effective.

Baby L is doing well and had a heart rate of 160. I'll have the quad screen done this week.

Doc scheduled my "big" ultrasound for a month from now. It takes about 45 minutes and will check every piece of baby's anatomy. HOPEFULLY, we still find out the sex from my high risk doc next week... because I might die of curiosity if I have to wait another month!

Okay, back to bed for me and mine!


Mel Bowman said...

I'm sorry to hear about the stomach virus, but happy that you are starting to feel movement! I didn't feel anything until 24 weeks, but that was also with an anterior placenta (and a lot of extra fluff...). I was way ahead of you with the baby bump though: people noticed when I was barely 11 weeks!

I found your blog via 4littlemenandgirlietwins, but I also read MyCharmingKids. You mentioned on the former about the zebra cross and I was actually looking for photos LOL!

As it turns out, we also have some things in common. I also have MTHFR (heterzygous) as well as a few other issues that made TTC and staying pregnant difficult. My aunt had similar problems, though, so I had my doc test me after my first miscarriage. I'm sorry to read that you lost two babies, but so very happy to hear that this pregnancy is going well!

I also took heparin starting from when we TTC until week 37. I have loads of tips and such for what worked for me if you're interested.

Take care and God Bless,

Kristin Kneupper said...

Go baby Lietz!! Keep on a kickin'! I hope that you are feeling better by now honey!

Sarah said...

Ooofa, sorry you're so sick! Hope you feel better really soon.

And YAY!! to feeling the baby move. And just FYI, not all mothers "hate the baby moving around and keeping her up all night" I know I didnt.

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