Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Stars At Night...

When I told you about my first contest... (enter if you haven't yet!)... I mentioned that I never win anything.

Sure enough, the next day I was told that I won my friend Jessica's contest! Jessica is a very talented blog designer at This, That & Your Blog. (she did mine!)

Anyway, she gave me a free favicon... that star you see in my window tab and anywhere I would normally have a plain, 'ol boring blog logo! Being a Texas Girl, I chose the star to represent the Lone Star State.

Speaking of Texas... only 17 days until Longhorn football!

Thanks Jessica, you rock!

Still lurking? Go enter my contest durnit!

The Stars at night, are big and bright... deep in the heart of Texas!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Well I didnt even know you could DO THAT! Now I want one! LOL! I dont want a stupid orange B for blogger!
Errrrg! Anyways, yeehaw! Go TEXAS!

Jessica said...

I am loving your little star! I think that is so cool!

Chris and Katherine said...

That's SO funny that you posted this, because I noticed yesterday that your blogger "B" was now a star in my favorites list. I was going to ask you how you did that! Congrats on winning!

Sarah said...

Hey cool! Congrats.

Ps...I dont know if I mentioned it before, but your page is super cute!

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