Monday, September 28, 2009


This weekend my family went to Comfort to spread my maternal grandparent's ashes on their ranch on what would have been their 57th wedding anniversary. It was a bittersweet moment as we recalled all the good they did in their lifetimes, mourned the loss of them so early, and celebrated a strong Christian family that they shaped. I miss them. I know we all do.

But I was reminded of our many blessings. They left to their kids and grandkids much more than their ranch, coast house, and a lifetime of possessions. They taught us to be honest, Christian people who work hard, always help others, and make friends easily. They set the very best examples in marriage, in business, in Christian service, and in everyday life.

We attended their church, and part of the Pastor's sermon really hit me. He said that no matter who you are, someone looks up to you, admires you, and emulates you.

So even if you feel imperfect, too young, insignificant, unworthy of admiration, too much of a sinner, don't "advertise" that you are a Christian, etc... someone wants to be like you. Think about it. Every single day when you are thinking about your grocery list, you are a fisher of men. The way that you live your life and approach your relationships can truly impact others in a positive way.

It isn't just about your relationship with Christ. (though this is most important) It is every relationship you have, no matter how insignificant. It could even be a stranger. It is more than attending church on Sunday or wearing a cross around your neck.

You are a living, breathing instrument of God.

And I think we forget that. Most likely, you won't know when that admiring person is emulating you. You won't always know when you need to stand up for Christ and set a good example. The moment is now. Every moment.

The message reminds me of a quote I have always loved...

"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they have known you."

May we all live as my grandparents did, letting our light shine and giving glory to God in those most insignificant of moments.


Lauren Lea Warren said...

That was beautiful Chels, and so true. Thank you for that reminder.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

WOW! Wonderfully said.

Casey said...

Very well put, as always. And yes, thank you for the reminder.

sissy000 said...

Chelsea, I am so grateful to have you as my daughter. Although we've lost Mom and Dad, your Dad and I are happy to be the new "Grandparents" of our loving Christian family. Our prayer is that we can continue their legacy of giving and loving everyone around us.
I love you, Mom

Jessica said...

wow, what a special moment.

Jen said...

Beautiful Chelsea. And so true!

Much Love,


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