Monday, September 14, 2009

Q & A

Okay, I finally answered ALL of your questions...

How are you feeling?
I feel amazing! Turns out millions of people were right about this second trimester being wonderful. I have more energy, I’m not sick, and things are getting really exciting! I have some uterine growing pains, which feel weird. As to be expected, I also have some back pain. But hell, I’ve had that since I shot up to almost 6 feet during puberty. It is all worth it when I feel Kherington move, and that happens more and more often everyday.

How much have you gained? How much are you trying to gain/not gain for the pregnancy?
I’m still at the 4 or 5 pound mark. The books say I should be closer to 8-15, but the doc says not to worry. I eat plenty! I am not trying to gain or not gain any certain number… I just want to be healthy for my baby. But I most certainly hope to keep it under 40 pounds, and preferably much closer to the recommended 20-25.

What did you do to get pregnant?
Several of you asked this, and NONE of you thought I would have the guts to answer it. What you mean of course, is what crazy things did I do from this list of wild suggestions people gave me? Well, I’ll tell you. But if you are related to me, my Pastor, or my inlaws… feel free to skip to the next question.
Okay, we made love the old-fashioned way. No crazy positions that day. I stayed in bed for 15 minutes afterwards. We used Pre-Seed lubricant, I highly recommend it. I was on Clomid, low dose aspirin, and prenatal vitamins. Skip was taking vitamin C and L-carnitine. I was charting my basal body temperature and using OPK’s. We had sex every other day, concentrating on the day before ovulation, and continuing for one day after. The timing was easy for us because I knew my cycle extremely well by then. I consumed a lot of dairy and drank a LOT of water around ovulation. I ate pineapple to help with implantation. I was doing fertility acupuncture once a week. Surely that is enough of the gory details?

What advice do you have for people still struggling with infertility?
Well, I was never officially infertile. Since we got pregnant 3 times in two years, we couldn't be called infertile. But we most certainly struggled with 2 miscarriages, loads of testing, and a much longer wait than we anticipated. But a healthy baby will make it all worthwhile.
As for advice... I think couples trying to conceive get far too much advice, and most of it is "assvice." But... I recommend finding an RE that is proactive, makes you feel comfortable, and takes the time to explain things. I recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I recommend trusting your doctor and your own body. I recommend ignoring "assvice," especially when you are told "just relax and it will happen." I recommend prayer and positive thinking. I recommend having someone to talk to that is going/has gone through the same thing. I recommend acupuncture for fertility. Finally, I know that adoption isn't for everyone... But we most certainly would have adopted if needed, because it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Were you disappointed to learn Baby Lietz is a girl?
Not at all!!!! The only reason we said we “slightly preferred a boy first,” was because we think all little girls should have an older brother to look out for them. But Kherington will just have to have a tough younger brother (or two) to protect her! We are thrilled and can’t wait to meet our daughter.

Why are you spelling Kherington so weirdly?
Good question. I think Kherington is much more feminine than Carrington. I fell in love with the spelling/name when I saw a dancer spell it that way on So You Think You Can Dance a couple of seasons ago. {she is now in the movie Fame!} I know people will spell it wrong. I know it will be hard to teach her to write it. (but just watch me) I know she will have to spell it out all her life. I know some people won’t like it. We don’t care, we love it. One person told me that only hippies give their kids weird names with weird spellings… which cracks me up because Skip and I are about as far from hippies as possible!

What are you scared of?
I really don’t dwell on any fears. But of course, I still worry that we could lose this baby. I also worry about bleeding out during labor and not being around to watch her grow. But my faith is 100% in God. No matter what, He will get us through.

Is it true you declined all genetic testing?
We chose not to do the nuchal translucency test, amnio, or CVS. I did do the quad screen, and it came back all clear.

Do you plan to breastfeed?
This is very important to me for so many reasons.
I know it won’t be easy, but I WILL make it work.
My goal is 12 months.

Do you plan to use cloth diapers?
For the first few weeks and anytime we are out and about, I’ll use disposable. Otherwise, I am looking forward to trying G Diapers, and possibly a cloth diaper service. G Diapers are cloth diapers with disposable inserts. The inserts can be flushed, trashed, or composted. {okay, maybe there is a little hippie in me}

Do you plan to make your own baby food?
Besides breastmilk? Nope.
Store bought will work just fine for me, thanks.

What is your birth plan?
Drugs early and often!

I kid.

I will be induced, so I plan to get an epidural when the time is right. I prefer a vaginal birth, but have no desire whatsoever to do it “naturally.” I’m high risk and must be in a hospital instead of a homebirth or with a midwife, but this would be my preference anyway. I would like to try nursing just as soon as possible. I know anything can happen during labor, so I hope to be flexible. I just want a healthy baby.
After Kherington is born, I plan to keep her in the room with us. However, if I really need the rest, then I won’t be unreasonable about sending her to the nursery. (but no formula or sugar water!)
And of course this whole time I will look fabulous in my own cute hospital gown, full make-up, and shiny, glossy hair that is perfectly manicured. You doubt it? Oh… Oh well.

Who will be in the birthing room with you?
Skip, obviously. And I have invited both of our mothers because I’d like them to share in this miracle. But I reserve the right to get moody and change my mind at the last minute about this. My MIL is a nurse and I really don’t want her thinking I’m a wuss! And it is always possible that my mom could pass out.

Will you save the cord blood?
We most certainly would if we had the money. I think it is a very wise decision and has saved many lives.

Will you circumcise?
Since it is a girl, nope! But any future sons of ours will be circumcised.

Will you return to work and put the baby in daycare?
This keeps me up at night.

I’m serious. I hate this question. I don’t want to leave my daughter in daycare. And I don’t want to quit my family business.

Most importantly right now, we need my salary.

In my little dream world, I’d get 6 weeks off. Then I would work from home 2 or 3 days a week and bring the baby to work the other days. In my mind, this would work fine for 6 months or so… breastfeeding would be easy, I have my own office and could shut the door, she will sleep most of the time anyway, and I have Skip, my brother, my dad, and a sweet accountant that could all love on her when needed. But besides me and Barb, the office is all men and I have no idea what they would say about this crazy plan of mine.

I always imagined myself as a stay at home mom with reading, writing, and photography hobbies. I wouldn't miss a moment of my children's lives. But right now I truly enjoy working with my family, learning from my dad, and I think I’m a big part of the company’s future. But who knows what will happen… maybe one day I’ll be a SAHM with a flourishing photography business!

What daycare will you use?
Ugh… read above. But seriously… I plan to look into homecare options in Bulverde, the Bulverde Methodist Church, and 2 fancy places in Stone Oak that will be way out of my price range. I trust the Goddard School because I’ve known the Director forever and my niece goes there… but I can’t afford it… and I don’t want to leave my baby in daycare! Not for at least 6 months anyway.

What will her nursery be like?
Coral walls! No baby pink for these Lietz girls. I don’t want a room that looks like someone barfed pepto bismol everywhere. Bright coral, light turquoise, some brown… more details coming later.

What are your goals for after the birth?
My goal is to raise a well-mannered, well-rounded, happy Christian woman who has no doubt that she is loved. But I assume you meant my personal goals? I would like to complete a mini triathlon. I would like to take up tennis again. {It has been 12 years, but I used to be quite good} I would like to grow my photography business. I would like to keep my marriage strong, passionate, and fun. I would like to nurture my existing friendships and grow some friendships with other moms/families.

Will you make her go to UT?
Make her? Of course not. We will support her and inspire her to reach her potential, and let her make her own decisions. That being said… she is already a fan. She has some tiny Longhorn booties, pacifiers, a burnt orange baby blanket, and a baby DVD to learn the fight song! She has even attended her first game already! We participated in the tailgate party with a cold O’Douls. Then we cheered with the rest of the record-setting crowd as the Horns stomped Louisiana Monroe. And we certainly wouldn’t MIND if she ended up attending UT!

Who will her Godparents be?
Kherington will most certainly have Godparents. But we haven’t asked/informed them yet… so the blogging world will just have to wait.

How many children do you want?
Two or three. We will have to see what God has in store for us. For now, we feel supremely blessed to have one beautiful daughter on the way!

When is your next ultrasound?
Our diagnostic ultrasound is the 28th with my regular ob. Then we have one of our monthly ultrasounds with my high risk doc the next day. We have invited our parents to attend a 3D/4D ultrasound on November 5th. Exciting things this way come!


The Beasons said...

You're so good with the Q&As! I always enjoy reading them. I have one that wasn't listed though ... did you enjoy Wicked last month?? Did you get to go?

Kristin said...

What? So you you're NOT going to make her go to UT? LOL! Kidding of course. Many it's amazing how one little teeny, tiny baby can raise so many questions. I loved reading all of your answers! Thanks for posting.

Bobbie said...

I think Kherington is beautiful and unique. We are in the exact same boat with Ainsley. This will make you feel good. She already recognizes her name when she sees it and is already in the process of learning to write it. I think it's awesome to have such a unique name that people have to ask how to spell it. I hated it growing up, but appreciate it now!

Jen said...

You look beautiful and maternal Chelsea! It's true, you glow. Kherington will be a very lucky little girl to have you as her mommy. She will be loved and blessed. <3

Much Love,


Mel Bowman said...

You have such a cute belly bump! I'm so glad things are going well for you.

I wanted to mention that I've used cloth diapers with Aidan since he was 2 weeks old and I really enjoy it. I've used all kinds, including d-diapers. My favourites when Aidan was little were XS and S Thirsties AIO pockets. My preference now is one-size bumGenius but my husband prefers the one-size Happy Heinys so we have both.

I wish you the best of luck with your induction. Mine didn't go as I wished it to and not a day goes by that I don't wish I had done things differently.

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