Monday, October 26, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaphobic

Are you ready for it?

I don't like to shop.


Well, let me clarify. I love to get new things. But I hate to shop for them.

I don't like walking around malls, browsing through racks, and trying things on. I hate standing in lines, lugging around bags, and nevermind that Holiday chaos! My feet, my back, my sanity!

{I'll admit I've changed my ways a bit for baby shopping. It's way more fun... plus the things are smaller. }

But back to my point... I dislike shopping but enjoy the buying... so I resort to online purchases. I'm not kidding. I'd rather have to exchange something through the mail than spend an hour searching for it at the mall.

Speaking of online shopping, I was recently given the opportunity to give a quick review of
and provided with a giveaway for you guys!

Trust me, I was shocked, too. Someone out there noticed my blog and wants to GIVE something away to my readers?! I have readers?! This is SO cool!

I visited the site and I have to admit, I'm quite impressed! They have oodles of baby gear! Furniture, strollers, toys, adorable baby bedding galore.

Their prices are comparable to other major baby stores. And if you've seen it cheaper somewhere else, just let them know and they'll make a new offer.

I love the search feature. While shopping for Kherington I typed in keywords such as 'paisley,' 'coral,' 'cowgirl,' and 'longhorn.' I bought this adorable diaper bag, and LOVE it!

Can we please talk about how freakin' cute these swaddle sets are? I like the cow. Or maybe the watermelon, or the ladybug, or... I think you get the idea.

I'm considering buying one of the sleep sacks. I like the ones without zippers or snaps... the easier to fumble with at 3am!

Goodness guys, they have lots of organic goodies, high end stuff with free shipping, and some downright cute things you just can't click away from.

If you live far from your family and friends, would be an excellent site to do your registry on!

My only complaint is the navigation menu. The choices are limited and make it confusing to find what you want. For example, finding the baby clothing is almost impossible. I came across it on accident. I would have put it under the "Baby Gear" heading.

Are you still with me? GOOD! Because that means you know about my new giveaway! YOU CAN WIN THIS ADORABLE LAVENDER LAB BY CLOUDB! Why? Because I love puppies and lavender, and I think your little lovies will love this lovie, too! The soothing lavender scent lasts up to FIVE years and will calm restless kids aged 0-100.

1. Enter by visiting this link: Crib Bedding
{while you are there, check out their adorable cowboy bedding options that I plan to use for a future baby boy!}

2. Leave me a comment about something you loved on the site.

3. Enter a second time by posting about this contest on your blog! (post link in my comments)

The winner will be announced on November 6th!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Advice, Please.

I know I keep complaining about unsolicited advice... usually "assvice."

But the truth is, I get a lot of useful and appreciated advice, too.

Especially from my sisters, and people like Kristin and Bobbie, both proud Mommies of three.

I enjoy hearing from mothers that I think are worth emulating. I know I'll have my own style of parenting, but I value their advice and opinions.

And now I'm asking for yours.

Go ahead, share that little tidbit that you think will make our transition into parenthood easier.

Is it a product you couldn't live without? A trick for teething babies? A pediatrician you love? A stroller to avoid? A suggestion for those sleepless nights? A brand you swear by? A parenting book that saved you? A breastfeeding technique?

Share whatever bit of wisdom you like.

And don't worry... if I think it is stupid, I'll just ignore it.

Do spill, Moms (and any Dads lurking out there)...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Well, perhaps this needs a bit of an explanation...
You see, this is an outline of my lovely lady lumps at 8 weeks, 18 weeks, and 24 weeks. And no, I'm not lumpy... but my husband obviously failed tracing in kindergarten.
We wanted to track the growth of my pregnancy curves. A little weird, right?
Oh well.
And since I already ruined the "wordless" thing... Happy Birthday Sissy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

6 Months

Yesterday marked 6 months into this pregnancy.
24 weeks of giving thanks for the miracle inside me.
It may be an everyday miracle, but it is something I will never take for granted.

I feel great and think I look cute. Loving pregnancy and being proud of my bump is certainly more fun than complaining about an aching back and stressing about weight gain. {though I'm very aware that the uncomfortable third trimester is still to come}

Speaking of weight gain, I'm up to 8 pounds. And while most women stress about gaining too much, I'm actually a little worried about not gaining enough. The books say I should be around 18 pounds now. I plan to discuss with my doctor, but I think I'm doing fine. I just don't want to hurt Kherington in anyway, or gain way too quickly if my body decides to play "catch-up." I'm eating pretty healthily and very often. But my workouts have fallen to the way side and need to resume!

I know I keep going on and on about feeling Kherington kick. But I can't help it, I am infatuated with this amazing sensation. I am so incredibly in love with this child, and every tiny punch, roll, and jab feels like a hug to me. I feel her a hundred times a day, but everytime still makes me smile.

At times it seems like she is kicking Skip's hand off the bump, she is that powerful! I can look down at my belly and see it jump throughout the day. But I really love when kitty lays on my belly and Kherington immediately starts kicking. The cat isn't sure if she should be pissed, playful, or just annoyed. She usually just sits and glares at me with each jab.

With each passing week, Kherington has reached viability, meaning her chances of surviving outside the womb rise. While this is comforting, let's pray our little angel stays put about 96 more days!

You couldn't find two happier parents-to-be. We get more ultrasounds very soon, we are enjoying working on the nursery, and an exciting baby shower approaches. This is so much fun! Maybe I'll have 10 kids!

Or maybe not.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100 Days

I have 100 days left to enjoy these sweet kicks.

100 days until we hold our precious daughter.

100 days to wonder what Kherington will look like and be like.

100 days to finalize her nursery and complete our to-do list.

100 days to enjoy our family of two before it changes forever.

100 days to teach our dogs better manners.

100 days to sleep late and be spontaneous.

100 days to enjoy my maternal curves.

100 days to stock up on diapers.

100 days to dream of Kherington's giggles and smiles.

100 days to sit in her nursery and feel supremely blessed.

About 2,400 hours.

About 144,000 minutes.

I don't want to rush things.

I want to enjoy every second of this miracle.

But seriously, only 100 days until I'm a Mommy, and I can't wait!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nobody Told Me...

When TTC, we got loads of unsolicited “assvice.”

Now that we are pregnant, everyone has an opinion.

They have to tell their story, add their 2 cents, and make sure you know that their way is the only way.

I roll my eyes everytime I hear the words "Just wait until {such and such happens}."

I'm well educated, I've attended a birth, I read all 8 of my pregnancy books, I'm an aunt, I've been through it with my friends, and I'm taking a childbirth class. I know nothing compares to going through it yourself, but I know most everything they tell me.

Yet I’ve gotten loads of stories, advice, and warnings. Even strangers feel free to share their word vomit.

But there are some things that haven’t been mentioned.

Nobody bothered to tell me…

* That maternity clothes would feel like pajamas and would make me want to wear them indefinitely

* That I might briefly forget I was pregnant and be reminded by the alien squirming in my belly

* That my dreams would be so…. er, Interesting, let’s say.

* That a sneeze could make me "piddle" before my daughter even weighed a pound.

* That I could grow a three inch errant hair on my shoulder. {which I promptly screamed at Skip to pluck. Ewwww!}

* That in a rush to relieve my bladder at a restaurant I might accidently go into the men’s restroom, see the urinals and realize what I’d done, and then still consider staying since I’d get to pee faster.

And a couple of noteworthy things I learned from my books…

* The blood rushes in and out of the umbilical cord so fast that the cord feels firm and powerful, like a fireman’s hose. {shame on you} That’s why tangles, knots, wraps, etc. are so rare (until the complications of passing through the birth canal)

* 2 weeks ago our daughter’s hymen was formed. (which creeped Skip out completely) A baby girl’s hymen is almost always broken during the birth process. So much for the only proof of virginity being an intact hymen.

What else don't I know?

Monday, October 5, 2009


You’ve seen Build-A-Bear Workshops.

You design your own stuffed animal from the stuffing, to fur colors, to accessories galore. You can even add a voice, sound, or heartbeat. No stone is left unturned in this beary fun designing adventure.

Well, what if we could build our own children? Design them to our specifications?

I wouldn’t, of course. I much prefer God’s handiwork. I love the surprise, the delicate details, and the tiny imperfections that make each child perfect.

But just for fun… what would you build? A Stepford child? A daughter that couldn’t talk back? A son built for the NBA? A genius? An exact replica of yourself?

Just for fun, I’m designing our daughter…

From her father, I’d want her to have his outgoing social skills, making friends everywhere she went. I would give her his beautiful lips and goofy smile, and maybe even his chin dimple. If she were to get his butt, we’d be in trouble!

From myself, I’d give Kherington some of my creativity and my love for reading. I’d love to pass along the long, pretty legs that I got from my own mother.

From the both of us, our daughter would get our light green eyes and our height. And maybe just a touch of burnt orange blood.

From both of her grandfathers, Kherington would be blessed with the biggest, most loving and joyful heart you can imagine. Just like them, she would love everyone, give freely and happily, and always look for the good in others. And she’d have an extra special place in her heart for her grandpas.

From her Sissy, our daughter would get an artistic side and the courage to be wild and fun without being embarrassed. She would get compassion, strong emotions, and the ability to nurture long-term friendships.

From her Grandma Lietz (who really needs a name!), she would get country roots, lines that trace back to the very best kind of people. Kherington would get her caring and nurturing nature, her work ethic, and maybe even her verbosity!

She would get a lot from her Aunts & Uncles, too. A good sense of humor, a good dose of fun, a strong family bond. She might get Uncle Landon’s infectious laugh, Aunt Shannon’s “life is good” attitude, Uncle Jim’s love of learning, Aunt Kelly’s pretty smile, Uncle Zach’s love of family and friends.

From her cousin Benjamin, Kherington would get an inquisitive mind, a sense of adventure, and a love of sports.

From her cousins Julia and Harper, our daughter would get sweet giggles and a special affection for her Daddy. From Julia she would get a creative spirit and from Harper a love for puppies.

I’d give Miss Kherington a lot of her great-grandparents, too. I’d make her aware of the good people she comes from, and how much love there is. She would get the Faith of her family and a face that reflects the very best of the Lietz, Kane, Elmore, and Hughes lines.

Kherington will be blessed with some of these things, of course. And some other things so wonderful that I couldn't even have dreamt them up. But like I said, this was just for fun.

I much prefer to leave it in God’s hands.

Our daughter will be absolutely perfect no matter what, and our job of raising, protecting, guiding, shaping, teaching, and loving will be the easiest, most difficult thing we’ve ever done. But with God, our family, and our friends at our side, we know Kherington Grace will grow into a woman that any mother would be proud of.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

22 Weeks

22 Weeks down and 16 Weeks to go!

The pregnancy is going wonderfully. My check-ups with my OB and the high risk doc both showed perfect health and excellent growth. I have gained a total of 6 pounds, which is great. I have had the flu shot and will get a swine flu vaccine next month.

Kherington still measures a few days taller than most babies her age, and is growing like a weed. She is now about 1 pound, 1 oz. She is extremely active and very strong!

Skip felt her kick from the outside of my tummy last weekend and we were thrilled! Now the kicks are very obvious to anyone. And I love them!

Sissy joined me for our latest appointment and was tickled pink watching her third granddaughter on the big screen!

Here she is with her knees to her nose...

This is a video of her wiggling' about...

And a video of her tiny heartbeat and long beautiful legs!

Same 'ol story... we are having fun and I love being pregnant!

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