Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100 Days

I have 100 days left to enjoy these sweet kicks.

100 days until we hold our precious daughter.

100 days to wonder what Kherington will look like and be like.

100 days to finalize her nursery and complete our to-do list.

100 days to enjoy our family of two before it changes forever.

100 days to teach our dogs better manners.

100 days to sleep late and be spontaneous.

100 days to enjoy my maternal curves.

100 days to stock up on diapers.

100 days to dream of Kherington's giggles and smiles.

100 days to sit in her nursery and feel supremely blessed.

About 2,400 hours.

About 144,000 minutes.

I don't want to rush things.

I want to enjoy every second of this miracle.

But seriously, only 100 days until I'm a Mommy, and I can't wait!


Jenn said...

100 Days to enjoy the silence (if you want to :])

100 Days until you can shave that one part of your leg that you may not be able to reach...(I was HUGE)

100 Days left to determine whether Kherington will be a Ninja or Gymnast after she's born (seriously, baby movements are in.sane)

100 Days left to take one last weekend getaway...just the two of you

100 Days until your "But The Baby is CRAVING it" card expires

Roughly 102ish days until you bring Kherington home, set her car carrier on the dining room table...you turn to Skip and smile, so proud and excited. Then, one of you utters the words "now what"? At least, that's what happened to us :]

Enjoy the next 100 days!!!

Jessica said...

Wow....100 days...that is so awesome!!

Jen said...

I second the "now what?" comment because once they are home, you just don't know what to do!

Enjoy these last 3+ months.

And then wonder why you still imagine feeling "kicks" after she is in your arms! :)

Love you!


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