Thursday, October 1, 2009

22 Weeks

22 Weeks down and 16 Weeks to go!

The pregnancy is going wonderfully. My check-ups with my OB and the high risk doc both showed perfect health and excellent growth. I have gained a total of 6 pounds, which is great. I have had the flu shot and will get a swine flu vaccine next month.

Kherington still measures a few days taller than most babies her age, and is growing like a weed. She is now about 1 pound, 1 oz. She is extremely active and very strong!

Skip felt her kick from the outside of my tummy last weekend and we were thrilled! Now the kicks are very obvious to anyone. And I love them!

Sissy joined me for our latest appointment and was tickled pink watching her third granddaughter on the big screen!

Here she is with her knees to her nose...

This is a video of her wiggling' about...

And a video of her tiny heartbeat and long beautiful legs!

Same 'ol story... we are having fun and I love being pregnant!


sissy000 said...

Well....I must brag! I got to be a part of this beautiful experience! Seeing Kherington's beautiful HEALTHY body take shape was a grandmother's dream! I had no idea that modern technology could assure us that her heart and other vital organs are already operating properly! Thank you, Chelsea, for letting Sissy be a part of this wonderful experience! I love Kherington!

Kristin said...

Kherington is so gorgeous! AND I love hearing that she's healthy!! Keep on growing lil' lady! LOVE YOU and your mama!

Jessica said...

how awesome! She is going to be tall like her parents! :)

Jen said...

Matt can't wait to meet Kherington!!! <3


Mel Bowman said...

Isn't it amazing?! I remember feeling like I'd never be lonely again, feeling Aidan kick.

I'm sooo glad everything is going well for you! Isn't heparin wonderful?!

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