Friday, October 16, 2009

6 Months

Yesterday marked 6 months into this pregnancy.
24 weeks of giving thanks for the miracle inside me.
It may be an everyday miracle, but it is something I will never take for granted.

I feel great and think I look cute. Loving pregnancy and being proud of my bump is certainly more fun than complaining about an aching back and stressing about weight gain. {though I'm very aware that the uncomfortable third trimester is still to come}

Speaking of weight gain, I'm up to 8 pounds. And while most women stress about gaining too much, I'm actually a little worried about not gaining enough. The books say I should be around 18 pounds now. I plan to discuss with my doctor, but I think I'm doing fine. I just don't want to hurt Kherington in anyway, or gain way too quickly if my body decides to play "catch-up." I'm eating pretty healthily and very often. But my workouts have fallen to the way side and need to resume!

I know I keep going on and on about feeling Kherington kick. But I can't help it, I am infatuated with this amazing sensation. I am so incredibly in love with this child, and every tiny punch, roll, and jab feels like a hug to me. I feel her a hundred times a day, but everytime still makes me smile.

At times it seems like she is kicking Skip's hand off the bump, she is that powerful! I can look down at my belly and see it jump throughout the day. But I really love when kitty lays on my belly and Kherington immediately starts kicking. The cat isn't sure if she should be pissed, playful, or just annoyed. She usually just sits and glares at me with each jab.

With each passing week, Kherington has reached viability, meaning her chances of surviving outside the womb rise. While this is comforting, let's pray our little angel stays put about 96 more days!

You couldn't find two happier parents-to-be. We get more ultrasounds very soon, we are enjoying working on the nursery, and an exciting baby shower approaches. This is so much fun! Maybe I'll have 10 kids!

Or maybe not.


Lauren Lea Warren said...

You two make a very handsome couple, and are going to have a gorgeous family. You are positively glowing, Chels. You do pregnancy well, those 10 kids could breeze by before you know it, haha. Love the updates, photos, and thoughts you post!

Casey said...

Looking really great Chels. Sounds like baby Kherington is a future soccer star. :) Keep the updates a comin'.

Kristin said...

Yay for Kherington's kicks! There's not much in this world that feels better than those reassuring kicks. Has she gotten the hiccups yet? You look GORGEOUS! I bet you'll put on more weight as the pregnancy goes on, I'm sure that your doc will say you're doing perfectly!

Loni said...

You don't just look cute pregnant, you look AMAZING! I love your posts and how excited you are. They are so uplifting. I hope the next 95 days go fast and slow. Fast when anticipation is killing you and slow when you want to feel those kicks just a little longer! You're looking and doing great!

Chris and Katherine said...

Chelsea, you look AMAZING! You are really glowing! Don't worry about the weight gain...your body will give you what your little girl needs. I was anxious in the beginning about not putting on enough weight, but now...more than 30 pounds later...I realize that my body knows best.

Glad to see that you are feeling well and enjoying every moment of your pregnancy. Good luck with your last few flies by!

Mel Bowman said...

Love the baby bump! I remember just loving the feeling of Aidan kicking me. I still get phantom kicks every once in a while.

A friend of mine (with severe spina bifida) *lost* 16lbs during her pregnancy before delivering her very healthy, 8+ pound son at 39 weeks. Some people just don't gain very much. My husband's cousin (who had her girl 4 weeks after I had my son) only gained about 12 pounds total, and her daughter was also very healthy and chunky.

Melissa Trost said...

I lost a ton of weight in the beginning and slowly gained the rest of the pregnancy due to my severe morning sickness (thank God for the Zofran pump). Ry was happy and healthy so yyour little Kherington will be as well. I also did the countdown, to viability, then full term, etc. It's meeting those milestones that can help you breathe easy! Congrats and you look amazing!

Bobbie said...

How much baby weight has Skip gained!?! It's funny cause Sam put on a good bit of weight when I was preggo with Ainsley! I only gained 24 lbs. with Ainsley. You're right about the 3rd trimester, it'll start adding up!

Michelle said...

I've always been a little wary of having a baby some day, but you make it sound so fun! It makes me so happy seeing how happy you are!!

E said...

You look darling, Chels. I am so happy for you!!! You are already such a great mommy. What a lucky little girl.

Jessica said...

you look great!

Rosalie and David said...

wow chels, so exciting to see you bump getting bigger and bigger! i can't wait to meet her (in pictures!). you and skip seem very very happy, as i know you are. give the little one a pat for me!

Jessica said...

Y'all look so happy...I wonder why. :)

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