Friday, October 23, 2009

Advice, Please.

I know I keep complaining about unsolicited advice... usually "assvice."

But the truth is, I get a lot of useful and appreciated advice, too.

Especially from my sisters, and people like Kristin and Bobbie, both proud Mommies of three.

I enjoy hearing from mothers that I think are worth emulating. I know I'll have my own style of parenting, but I value their advice and opinions.

And now I'm asking for yours.

Go ahead, share that little tidbit that you think will make our transition into parenthood easier.

Is it a product you couldn't live without? A trick for teething babies? A pediatrician you love? A stroller to avoid? A suggestion for those sleepless nights? A brand you swear by? A parenting book that saved you? A breastfeeding technique?

Share whatever bit of wisdom you like.

And don't worry... if I think it is stupid, I'll just ignore it.

Do spill, Moms (and any Dads lurking out there)...


Lauren Lea Warren said...

In my short term as 'Mommy' I learned to GO WITH THE FLOW, and try to prepare yourself emotionally for the bumps and bruises, the colds, and the coughs. (The baby will be okay. That was a hard one for me and for many moms I spoke to); all the while enjoying every possible second you have with your little one.

I think you and Skip are great 'go with the flow' people already, so this advice you probably don't need. I also know you and Skip are going to love every inch of Kherington, and take advantage of every moment with her. Despite what you might think, you ARE ready, and no magical piece of advice will prepare you more than you have already prepared yourself. You are so ready emotionally and physically to give her the best life possible, and that is all that matters. You and Skip will do perfect! (even if that means freaking out, forgetting things, and calling Sissy every five minutes--Cuz we all did too) love you guys!

Darcy said...

Once we were home from the hospital the thing that made the night time so much better for me was the "Swaddleme" swaddler with velcro on it. I have never been great at getting the blankets really tight, and I was always a little paranoid about them coming undone during the night, so this was perfect for me.
Rylan also seemed to sleep better snuggled in all tight. If you haven't seen them, here is the link.

rhilborn said...

Some, possibly different perspective, tips that work for us...I read A LOT and took tons of advice from my sisters, my mom, my mother-in-law, etc...but as Laura mentioned earlier, I try to be flexible and in tune with our little man. That being said, I am a big believer in natural childbirth. It's an amazing experience and I feel like it was a great start for our relationship with our son. I have book suggestions if that is of interest:).

The ITZBEEN timer is awesome! It is a timer that has spots for timing diaper changes, feedings, sleep and one other miscellaneous item. We bought it at Target but I think it's available at numerous retailers. We bought it on a bit of a whim when it was suggested with another online purchase and it was INVALUABLE in those first several months when we were sleep-deprived and slightly confused:). When my husband had laser eye surgery we used the last timer to make sure he got his medication!

But don't get too many gear items: swings, bouncers, exersaucers, etc...because you never know what your child will like. Our son didn't really care about pretty much any snazzy gear items. Plus, you can possibly borrow items from friends/family to try different items and figure out what's important and what's not.

Mel Bowman said...

Rent two movies before you deliver:
1. The Business of Being Born
2. The Happiest Baby on the Block

Take lots of pictures and write things down right away, because it's amazing how quickly you can forget things when you're sleep deprived.

Make time for yourself and also time for your husband. When my son was about 4 weeks old my boss and his wife offered to watch him for us so we could go see a movie and have dinner. We were gone just over 3 hours and it was a godsend!

dkane said...

Great advice from your friends and Modern Moms "in the know". We look forward to being there for you WHEN you need us, but will try to give your personal space as a young family. We will help entertain your dogs to keep them away from fragile Kherington. We will be glad to watch her when you need a movie/dinner break. We are so lucky to live nearby. The nursery is looking adorable and it's fun to work on it with you guys! Much love, Sissy and TaiPan

Oh, it's no fun caring for a baby with a hangover!
Although I guess that would mainly pertain to Skip since you plan to breastfeed. I LOVED the breastfeeding experience and you will too!

C and C Mommy said...

Here is my advice: if you breastfeed, set small goals for yourself. For my 1st child, I said that I wanted to nurse for at least a year. I was able to make it to a year, but sometimes I was overwhelmed. I wish that I had set small goals so I wouldn't stress out so much. When Chandler came around, I set small goals. I wasn't as overwhelmed about it at all.

Diane Moellering said...

you need to make sure that you suround yourself with a good support system... That means if you are in the beginning of breastfeeding (the really hard time) make sure you have one there that will tell you that you can do it.... also it is normal to feel like leaving the screaming baby in the bed crying and just RUN... you do need a break and don't be affraid to ask for help... also we love the blanket swaddlers ... and pampers

Kristin said...

All good advice from the above ladies! Here's my two cents!

• Save the brush from the hospital... it's far better than those sold at local stores.

• Use the nursery at the hospital! It's your chance to get a bit of rest before the many nights of none. They'll bring her to you to feed and then you can rest in between (with peace of mind!).

• Newborn breathing is all over the place and crazy at times... it's all normal even though it might scare ya!

• The Miracle Blanket rocks (or I'm sure many other swaddling blankets out there). Swaddling in general is fabulous.

• Showers are FAR underrated! They are like a little slice of heaven whenever I can get one!

• A lot of times they won't like their swing or bouncer or anything on the first try... but will eventually love it.

• Say yes to the epidural, and do so early so you don't miss out! (We've talked about this one.) Had kiddos both ways... MUCH better with the epi (easier for Skip too!)!

• Keep in mind that the first week or so of breastfeeding is tough... but after that it's smooth sailing and as you know is the greatest gift you can give Kherington!

• Always know that NO ONE knows your baby better than you. Go with your hunches and don't be afraid to question your doctors. Lord knows we did with Kouper and are far better off because of it!

I think Mag's advice is the greatest and so true...

You're going to be a supercalafradjulisticsexpialadocious mama!

Love you!

Makennas Mommy said...

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