Monday, October 5, 2009


You’ve seen Build-A-Bear Workshops.

You design your own stuffed animal from the stuffing, to fur colors, to accessories galore. You can even add a voice, sound, or heartbeat. No stone is left unturned in this beary fun designing adventure.

Well, what if we could build our own children? Design them to our specifications?

I wouldn’t, of course. I much prefer God’s handiwork. I love the surprise, the delicate details, and the tiny imperfections that make each child perfect.

But just for fun… what would you build? A Stepford child? A daughter that couldn’t talk back? A son built for the NBA? A genius? An exact replica of yourself?

Just for fun, I’m designing our daughter…

From her father, I’d want her to have his outgoing social skills, making friends everywhere she went. I would give her his beautiful lips and goofy smile, and maybe even his chin dimple. If she were to get his butt, we’d be in trouble!

From myself, I’d give Kherington some of my creativity and my love for reading. I’d love to pass along the long, pretty legs that I got from my own mother.

From the both of us, our daughter would get our light green eyes and our height. And maybe just a touch of burnt orange blood.

From both of her grandfathers, Kherington would be blessed with the biggest, most loving and joyful heart you can imagine. Just like them, she would love everyone, give freely and happily, and always look for the good in others. And she’d have an extra special place in her heart for her grandpas.

From her Sissy, our daughter would get an artistic side and the courage to be wild and fun without being embarrassed. She would get compassion, strong emotions, and the ability to nurture long-term friendships.

From her Grandma Lietz (who really needs a name!), she would get country roots, lines that trace back to the very best kind of people. Kherington would get her caring and nurturing nature, her work ethic, and maybe even her verbosity!

She would get a lot from her Aunts & Uncles, too. A good sense of humor, a good dose of fun, a strong family bond. She might get Uncle Landon’s infectious laugh, Aunt Shannon’s “life is good” attitude, Uncle Jim’s love of learning, Aunt Kelly’s pretty smile, Uncle Zach’s love of family and friends.

From her cousin Benjamin, Kherington would get an inquisitive mind, a sense of adventure, and a love of sports.

From her cousins Julia and Harper, our daughter would get sweet giggles and a special affection for her Daddy. From Julia she would get a creative spirit and from Harper a love for puppies.

I’d give Miss Kherington a lot of her great-grandparents, too. I’d make her aware of the good people she comes from, and how much love there is. She would get the Faith of her family and a face that reflects the very best of the Lietz, Kane, Elmore, and Hughes lines.

Kherington will be blessed with some of these things, of course. And some other things so wonderful that I couldn't even have dreamt them up. But like I said, this was just for fun.

I much prefer to leave it in God’s hands.

Our daughter will be absolutely perfect no matter what, and our job of raising, protecting, guiding, shaping, teaching, and loving will be the easiest, most difficult thing we’ve ever done. But with God, our family, and our friends at our side, we know Kherington Grace will grow into a woman that any mother would be proud of.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store.


Jessica said...

You are exactly right, Chelsea. God has it all put together nicely, I'm sure!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

God has built your precious daughter, but you get to mold her, so in a way you do get to "design" her. Teach her the blessings that your loved ones have taught her, and many of things mentioned can and will be carried on through your sweet daughter. She will have those roots, that ability to be wild without a care, etc. all because you taught her that its ok :)

sissy000 said...

Thank you for my early morning tears. She's going to be beautiful inside and out.
Love, Sissy

Bobbie said...

I'm with your mom...tears, happy of course! She would be blessed to write half as beautifully and passionate as her mother.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, I was snooping around to see how all the girls were doing, and was sooo happy to come across your blog and see the wonderful news! Congratulations!

All the best, (and please pass on my greetings and well wishes to Jenni, Francine, E, Nikki)


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