Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday Skip and I treated our parents to a special preview of Miss Kherington. We got a 3D/4D ultrasound and Sissy, Tai-Pan, Pops, and DeDe relaxed on plush sofas while images of their granddaughter floated on a wall-sized big screen!

We were all enamored. We could see lush lips, a cute nose, long eyelashes, and a double chin. She was sucking on her cord, yawning, swallowing, and flicking her tongue in and out. She loves her hands in her face, but we still got some really great shots.

"Yo world, see you in about 76 days!"
(okay, maybe she was just yawning, but it looks like a shout-out to me)

Look at those lips! Got them from her Daddy, for sure.

An early Veteran's Day salute for her Daddy.

A side view of our little cowgirl.

Her eye is open in this one! It was amazing!

A beautiful face, if I do say so myself!

"No more photos, please! I'm sleepy!"

The 4D video shows real time movement and our entire exam. It is too large to upload, but we will cherish it forever!
We can't wait to meet this beautiful, beautiful miracle we'll call Kherington Grace!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I'm jealous! I wish my MFM doc would show us some 3D pictures, I know the machine is capable, but the tech said they will only do it if "medically necessary!" Boo! Plus our little boy hides his face in my back so we never see him anymore. :(

Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

Breathtaking! What a miracle! I can't wait to hold her!!! She is just gorgeous, like her mama!

Sarah said...

I love the last one! I mean they are all beautiful, but that one is my personal favorite.

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