Monday, November 2, 2009

My Sperm Donor

I need a moment to brag about my husband.


He isn’t perfect, of course.

Lord knows he is messy, stubborn, loves to party, and sometimes does stupid man-things.

But thankfully, he is so much more than a sperm donor.


He actually cares about every tiny detail I share with him about this pregnancy. No eye rolls, “uh-huhs,” or glazed eyes at the television… he shares every minute bit of excitement with me, even if he can’t feel it or experience it himself.

He goes to OB appointments happily.

He worries about me and my wellbeing.

He does his part when I am in nesting/cleaning/decorating mode, and looks the other way when I let dishes get crusty in the sink.


He brought me pancakes for breakfast because I’d been craving some the day before.

He let me choose our daughter’s name and then backed me 100%.

He gets a twinkle in his eye when he tells people we are expecting a daughter, even though he is also anxious for a son.


He put together nursery furniture that came in 257 parts.

He is never annoyed when I have to pause the show for a bathroom break… every five minutes.

He does the heavy lifting and gives me the comfy spot on the couch.


He is going to childbirth class with me starting this week.

He rubs my aching back. (only for 30 seconds, but we’ll work on that!)

He thinks my curves are beautiful and sexy… and he tells me so.


And the other day I was exhausted and lounging on the couch... The house wasn’t exactly clean, dinner wasn’t even started, and Skip was starting his own load of laundry.

I said “Man, you really need a wife that cooks, and cleans, and does laundry.”

And he said “I’ve got a wife that is carrying my baby, and that’s about as good as it gets.”

Awwwwwww. Sweet, right?


And he’ll make an excellent father. Even if he does sleep like a ton of bricks and have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

I’m a lucky woman, and Kherington will be a very lucky little girl!

Everyone knows Daddies are something extra special to a girl... no matter her age.



The Nyberg Family said...

Chelsea you just have a way with words. I found myself Awwwing during your entire post!

So happy for you and Skip and I cant wait to meet the LO!

Darcy said...

You are so sweet! I have tears in my eyes. :-)

Jen said...

Beautiful Chels--you are a very lucky girl!! xoxo


Bobbie said...

Once again, you have me crying! Love you guys! You and Kherington are very blessed to have him and he knows how blessed he is:)

Kristin said...

He's a keeper, and a very lucky guy as well!

sissy000 said...

You two are going to make a beautiful baby inside and out! love, Sissy

Brooke said...

and of course, I'm crying by the end!! I love Daddies!!

Bobbie said...

Aahh, what good timing- "Loves to party" and "Does stupid guy things"...just read the rest of this posting and we'll try to forget that last night happened:) XOXOXO!

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