Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Simple Truths

1. It is hard to shave what you cannot see.

2. The money I'm saving on tampons is being spent on toilet paper.

3. My belly button hasn't been this clean in 27 years.


demomde said...

Thank-you so much for "seeing" Kherington. She is just toooo cute. I can't wait to get her here and spoil her rotten. With both her grandparents so close, she will just be the cat's meow, and she will never have to doubt it.
73 days and counting down...

Kristin Kneupper said...

LOL! I can totally relate!!! You are too funny! I can't believe she'll be here soon. You look fabulous!

Jessica said...

haha, too funny...good to know about the TP.

Jen said...

Funniest.Post.Ever!!! LMAO!!!


Rosalie and David said...

hilarious and yet so true!!! i do miss my clean belly button!! glad you're feeling good, the pics from the ultrasound were amazing. i wanted to write you some words of advice but i have yet decided what to advice you with. not that i have that much experience, but i just can't pick one thing. anyway i'll get there eventually. love to you and skip

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