Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letters from the Heart

Dear Skip of the Future,

I know you are an incredible dad. I’m positive that watching you with our daughter melts my heart.

Thank you in advance for the things you do without my ever asking. But when I get overwhelmed, remind me that I can ask for help. And the same goes for you. They say these first couple of months are the hardest. I’m glad you are by my side.

When things get tough, please don’t ever say the words “You’re the one that wanted a baby.” I’d have to kill you, and I prefer Kherington have a father. And while we’re at it, don’t ever come home and ask what I’ve been doing all day in a way that implies I’ve done next to nothing!

I know you need time to yourself sometimes. Please don’t forget that sometimes I’ll need a night out with the girls, or an hour nap, or a 5 minute shower. Even more importantly, help me remember that our marriage needs attention, too. Plan a night out for the two of us, so we re-connect and try to think of things to talk about other than our perfect child.

Thank you for being my husband and the father of my child. I’m so glad I trusted God’s plan for us.

Love, Chelsea of the Present

Dear Chelsea of the Future,

You are a Mommy! I know you are settling in and finding your own rhythm.

I pray you love breastfeeding, even when it is hard. I know you will make the best decision for Kherington, but keep in mind your goal of breastfeeding for 9-12 months. The time will fly by, even when it feels like you are a dairy cow that never gets a break.

I hope you aren’t a smother-motherer. Babies are precious, but not fragile. Relax!

Let Kherington be little. She will grow so very quickly. I doubt I have to tell you this, but take lots of photos! Keep blogging and fill out her baby book.

I know you will adjust as needed, but keep your ideals in mind. And don’t expect to be perfect. Learning is part of the fun. You’ve dreamed of this for a long time. I hope it is everything you hoped for, and more.

Love, Chelsea of the Present

Dear Kherington Grace,

Oh, how we already love you! We don’t care what we went through to create you, or how you get here, just that you are soon safely snuggled in our arms!

We weren't waiting to have you for our lives to begin. But we know that sharing our life with you will be the beginning of something amazing and beautiful.

We dreamed of you and prayed for you, sweet girl. See you soon!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Dear Family & Friends,

We can’t wait to share our daughter with you. We are anxious for you to meet Kherington and tell us how adorable she is. :-) But please check with us before visiting to make sure it is a good time. We will be adjusting to parenthood and the new Princess’ reign. We want plenty of time to be a family, and plenty of time to show her off.

When you visit, please don’t make me be a Nazi Mama. Be sure to wash your hands (well!) before touching the baby. And if you think you might be even close to getting sick, please postpone your visit! This goes for your children, too.

Next… I plan to breastfeed. I’m not shy about this… so if it makes you uncomfortable, just don’t look.

Now that those requests are out of the way… we want to thank you for being a part of our lives. We are surrounded by wonderful people, and we can’t wait for Kherington and future children to grow up amongst you. This is going to be so fun! Join us for the adventure…

Love, Skip & Chelsea

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh Holy Day!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are surrounded by family for the holidays, as we are.

Here I am making "Dirt Cake" with my niece & nephew.

What do you and yours do to celebrate Christ's birth and spread the love?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Just a sneak preview of photos to come!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Medical Updates


I'm doing wonderfully. My blood pressure is great, my weight gain (15-16 pounds) is great, and things are going smoothly.

Kherington continues to grow and thrive. Her growth percentiles are high, and she was estimated to be five pounds this morning. The ultrasound shows adorable puffy cheeks and sumptious lips that are usually sucking on tiny fingers. We simply can't wait to hold her and kiss her.

The only news that isn't positive is the position of the placenta. I have Placenta Previa... but certainly not the worst case possible. The placenta is attached to the uterine wall very low, partly covering the cervix. This means that it would likely block Kherington's path into the birth canal. This can stall labor, or it can cause bleeding issues... which we certainly want to avoid.

In addition, we have an increased risk of placental abruption (dislodging from uterine wall before birth) or placenta accreta (growing into the wall of the uterus like a tumor, risking bleeding and hysterectomy) So while these things are long shots, your prayers couldn't hurt! We will be watching dilligently for any bleeding, which would require a rush to the hospital.

With all of this news, we've been told to prepare for delivery by Cesarean Section. It isn't set in stone yet... they will check the placental placement once more in three weeks (just in case it moves!)... but a vaginal birth is now only a slim chance. {Staying off my feet as much as possible could keep the baby off the lower uterus and placenta, giving it a chance to grow upward as my uterus expands... but she seems mighty comfortable down there!}

I'm a bit dissapointed. I certainly prefer a vaginal birth. But since this is a valid medical reason for a C/S and would be safest for both of us, I'm okay with it. Skip and I are trying to focus on the positives. A healthy baby is the goal, and we know God will be with us no matter what. We are in good hands, to be sure.

In three weeks we will know for certain, and can schedule the C section or the induction. Either way, we are about 30 days away from meeting our sweet girl!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Our Vegas trip was amazing! With free flights and awesome rodeo tickets... how can you go wrong?!


We stayed at Hooter's Casino {don't laugh, it was cheap!} and spent much of our time slumming at the $5 tables. We didn't lose much... {or win much!} Though Skip is awfully proud of hitting 3 of a Kind at Three Card Poker!


We had some great meals, saw a show (where the comedian made fun of us!), went exploring, splurged on massages, and soaked up the childless freedom of staying out late and sleeping in! {okay, okay, Skip did most of the staying out late!}


Our tickets for the National Finals Rodeo were fantastic... right behind the header's box, per Skip's request. As always, it was a great production and we saw some mighty talented cowboys.


Afterwards we headed to South Point Casino for some dancing and a spot front and center of the stage for Aaron Watson's concert and the buckle ceremony for the night.


One day we even got to meet up with some friends from California and love on their new(ish) baby, Zane!


From a pregnant viewpoint... it was interesting. Flying at 8 months pregnant was harder than I imagined with swelling, cramped quarters, and back pain. Then, being sober in Vegas was a very different experience! People certainly wonder what you are doing in a casino around smokers, drinkers, topless dancers and gamblers. Everything there revolves around booze! But I had an O'Douls or two... and the cocktail waitresses were happy to bring me plenty of water. It wasn't the crazy Sin City trips I'm used to... but it was super fun and worth every sacrifice!


Skip and I are glad we got this last chance to be a little crazy and just enjoy each other's company. Now we are anxious to meet our daughter!!! We will teach her to love traveling... but she may not see Vegas until she is at least 30!

Monday, December 7, 2009

No-Post Post

I've been slacking... because I've been busy!

But everything is wonderful.

In fact, Skip and I leave for Las Vegas in the morning...
We will enjoy the NFR on our last vacation as DINKs!!

So don't expect a post until next week!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Thanks

As Thanksgiving brings in the Holiday Season, many of us find ourselves counting our blessings. {as well we should}

I have always had a great deal to be thankful for.

But this year I feel especially blessed.

Of course we are expecting the miracle we have prayed and waited for. God knows the joy and thanksgiving in my heart.

But I also feel overcome with gratitude for the people we have surrounded ourselves with. People that reflect God to the world.

People that are overwhelmingly generous.

This generosity started with prayer. Hundreds of people prayed for us during our struggles with miscarriage and our deep desire to start a family. Even strangers. Strangers were generous enough to pray for us. When we became pregnant for the third time, they continued to pray and have not stopped. Even if their own prayers had not yet been answered, they rejoiced in prayer for us. Generous hearts, no question.

We would not be where we are today without the generosity of our parents. Their love and support held us together and gave us hope. When our medical bills threatened to drown us, our parents were there to help raise us up. They are there for us every day… praying, guiding, supporting, and loving.

Trusted friends are my confidantes and sources of information concerning all things pregnancy/baby. My Yuku friends are irreplaceable. Kristin has never minded a stupid question texted to her at 11 pm, even though she is raising 3 young boys. Lauren, Bobbie, and my sisters are always open and honest as well. More generous friends cannot be found.

As we prepare for Kherington’s arrival, the generosity has spread beyond prayers and support. Jenny was willing to help us paint the nursery. Shyla, Brittany, and my Godmother Susan have generously offered to host baby showers. Friends and family attend these showers and again reflect generosity and joy.

But I must admit that I am most overcome with the generosity of hand-me-downs. It began with my sister Shannon offering the use of her baby furniture. I love that the crib comes with teeth marks from my niece and nephew. My sister-in-law Kelly stepped up, letting us borrow/have some of Harper’s baby things.

And I have oodles of hand-me-downs from Bobbie, Candee, Shyla, and A’Laura… including maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys, baby gear, furniture, layette, and more!

I’m beginning to understand that it is already taking a village to raise our sweet daughter.

And I couldn’t be more thankful that our village is inhabited by the most generous of God’s people.

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