Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Letters from the Heart

Dear Skip of the Future,

I know you are an incredible dad. I’m positive that watching you with our daughter melts my heart.

Thank you in advance for the things you do without my ever asking. But when I get overwhelmed, remind me that I can ask for help. And the same goes for you. They say these first couple of months are the hardest. I’m glad you are by my side.

When things get tough, please don’t ever say the words “You’re the one that wanted a baby.” I’d have to kill you, and I prefer Kherington have a father. And while we’re at it, don’t ever come home and ask what I’ve been doing all day in a way that implies I’ve done next to nothing!

I know you need time to yourself sometimes. Please don’t forget that sometimes I’ll need a night out with the girls, or an hour nap, or a 5 minute shower. Even more importantly, help me remember that our marriage needs attention, too. Plan a night out for the two of us, so we re-connect and try to think of things to talk about other than our perfect child.

Thank you for being my husband and the father of my child. I’m so glad I trusted God’s plan for us.

Love, Chelsea of the Present

Dear Chelsea of the Future,

You are a Mommy! I know you are settling in and finding your own rhythm.

I pray you love breastfeeding, even when it is hard. I know you will make the best decision for Kherington, but keep in mind your goal of breastfeeding for 9-12 months. The time will fly by, even when it feels like you are a dairy cow that never gets a break.

I hope you aren’t a smother-motherer. Babies are precious, but not fragile. Relax!

Let Kherington be little. She will grow so very quickly. I doubt I have to tell you this, but take lots of photos! Keep blogging and fill out her baby book.

I know you will adjust as needed, but keep your ideals in mind. And don’t expect to be perfect. Learning is part of the fun. You’ve dreamed of this for a long time. I hope it is everything you hoped for, and more.

Love, Chelsea of the Present

Dear Kherington Grace,

Oh, how we already love you! We don’t care what we went through to create you, or how you get here, just that you are soon safely snuggled in our arms!

We weren't waiting to have you for our lives to begin. But we know that sharing our life with you will be the beginning of something amazing and beautiful.

We dreamed of you and prayed for you, sweet girl. See you soon!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Dear Family & Friends,

We can’t wait to share our daughter with you. We are anxious for you to meet Kherington and tell us how adorable she is. :-) But please check with us before visiting to make sure it is a good time. We will be adjusting to parenthood and the new Princess’ reign. We want plenty of time to be a family, and plenty of time to show her off.

When you visit, please don’t make me be a Nazi Mama. Be sure to wash your hands (well!) before touching the baby. And if you think you might be even close to getting sick, please postpone your visit! This goes for your children, too.

Next… I plan to breastfeed. I’m not shy about this… so if it makes you uncomfortable, just don’t look.

Now that those requests are out of the way… we want to thank you for being a part of our lives. We are surrounded by wonderful people, and we can’t wait for Kherington and future children to grow up amongst you. This is going to be so fun! Join us for the adventure…

Love, Skip & Chelsea


The Trost's said...

I just had to comment on the up front fact that you will be breastfeeding! I love it!!! Before I had my first child I didn't really have any expectations for breastfeeding, but as soon as she was born I was determined and chose to ignore the naysayers and nurses who wanted to give her formula or sugar water. She breastfed for a year then stopped suddenly with the pregnancy of her little sister. With little sister I had a goal of age 2, but she stopped on her own around 19 months and now at 21 months has started asking to nurse again. Surround yourself with your lactivist friends - they will be your greatest support. Also, you may want to have the name and number to an IBCLC (nursing consultant) on hand - just in case. Most are covered under insurance. Good luck!!

Heidi said...

Your words always bring me to tears. You just have this way of saying things so sweetly and gently! I love you and you will be scratch that you ARE a great mom!

La Leche!


Mel Bowman said...

Congrats on passing the 34 week mark! Your lil girl now has mature lungs and is well on her way to her birth weight. I wish you the very, very best during L&D and for those first, special weeks.

You'll never smell a sweeter scent than that of your own child, newly born. Cherish it.

I'm going to offer you one more tip that helped me quite a lot in those first few days:

Open a new email and start inserting the addresses of everyone who you'd like to inform once your little girl arrives (put them in the BCC field) and save as a draft. Do this over the next several weeks as you think of more people you wish to include. That way, after the baby is born, you or your husband can just write a quick note with all her stats and such and get it sent out.

Living so far away from family and friends, my loved ones really appreciated getting that quick email, and it was much easier than trying to call everyone or trying to remember who requested a note.

Kristin Kneupper said...

I can't believe that you're in the home stretch! I am so thrilled for you guys and cannot wait to meet Kherington! Your letters are poignant and fabulously written, as usual! You have a great head start and will be a wonderful mama!

I'm here for ya if you need any BFing advice. I'm not a pro, but I've been through it a few times, ha! Just remember that it does get easier, and before you know it you'll be a pro!

Diane Moellering said...

YEah for breastfeeding!!!! I love it!!! if you ever need any advice please call any time and ask 8304564232... don't ever be ashamed to be a breast feeding mama be proud and treat it like a medal of honor!!

Bobbie said...

I don't even know what to say...of course I'm teary-eyed. You have so much foresight and knowledge, yet you know when to just let life happen. Keep those "orders" firm even after Kherington is here. Don't let anyone push you around or try to make you feel guilty about your choices. Daddy's are always good at putting people in their place:) I always wait at least 2 weeks before visiting after a baby has arrived, but I WILL be making a trip back to meet her!

Jessica said...

You will be fabulous at everything you do, because as Kherington's mother, it will come so naturally. I'm so excited for you, Chelsea! It's so terribly hard for me to believe that you're almost through this pregnancy - it seems like just yesterday that I was reading all of your frustrations about not being able to conceive...and now you're about to give birth! What a blessing. You truly did an amazing thing - stepping back and letting God take control. He always works wonders, doesn't He?

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