Monday, December 14, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Our Vegas trip was amazing! With free flights and awesome rodeo tickets... how can you go wrong?!


We stayed at Hooter's Casino {don't laugh, it was cheap!} and spent much of our time slumming at the $5 tables. We didn't lose much... {or win much!} Though Skip is awfully proud of hitting 3 of a Kind at Three Card Poker!


We had some great meals, saw a show (where the comedian made fun of us!), went exploring, splurged on massages, and soaked up the childless freedom of staying out late and sleeping in! {okay, okay, Skip did most of the staying out late!}


Our tickets for the National Finals Rodeo were fantastic... right behind the header's box, per Skip's request. As always, it was a great production and we saw some mighty talented cowboys.


Afterwards we headed to South Point Casino for some dancing and a spot front and center of the stage for Aaron Watson's concert and the buckle ceremony for the night.


One day we even got to meet up with some friends from California and love on their new(ish) baby, Zane!


From a pregnant viewpoint... it was interesting. Flying at 8 months pregnant was harder than I imagined with swelling, cramped quarters, and back pain. Then, being sober in Vegas was a very different experience! People certainly wonder what you are doing in a casino around smokers, drinkers, topless dancers and gamblers. Everything there revolves around booze! But I had an O'Douls or two... and the cocktail waitresses were happy to bring me plenty of water. It wasn't the crazy Sin City trips I'm used to... but it was super fun and worth every sacrifice!


Skip and I are glad we got this last chance to be a little crazy and just enjoy each other's company. Now we are anxious to meet our daughter!!! We will teach her to love traveling... but she may not see Vegas until she is at least 30!


Kristin Kneupper said...

Looks like lots of fun! You are one gorgeous pregnant mama! (And tiny I might add.)

I hope some day I can take Phillip for PBR finals... wanna join?

Love you!

Jessica said...

looks like you guys had a great time....I just love your baby belly!!!

Rosalie and David said...

yall are so super cute, so glad you had one last hoorah before baby arrives! you are looking amazing at 8 months, i'm impressed! have a wonderful last month of childlessness! happy holidays!

sissy000 said...

Glad you guys could have fun in Vegas! Now, let's get Kherington safely delivered to I can begin cuddling her!
Love, Sissy

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