Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you really feel?
I always say "great," because 98% of the time I really do feel great! I feel happy, radiant, motherly, and well… pretty. (you are allowed to hate me for this) I don’t feel like a blimp, or bloated and swollen, or like the host to an alien invader. That’s not to say that I never feel tired, get heartburn, get jabbed in the ribs, etc. Sometimes my back hurts so badly and with so little warning that I’m brought to tears. But these things just dim in comparison to the joy and healthy vibrance I feel the majority of the time. I really do love being pregnant.

How are you feeling about the C Section?
I’ve accepted it. It certainly wasn’t my first choice, but it isn’t the end of the world. I’m not scared and I’m focusing on the positives. What actually bothers me most is that Kherington won’t be in my arms right away. BUT… this gives her Daddy the first chance to bond skin to skin with his daughter, and really, how cool is that?!

What are you most excited about?
Seeing her face, smelling her smell, cuddling her close. I’m really looking forward to breastfeeding… and of course to photographing her far too often!

What are you least excited about?
Lack of sleep. We do like our sleep.
And even with her in my arms, I think I’ll miss being pregnant. Skip commented that he'll miss me being pregnant, too. (guess I wasn't a hormonal nightmare!)

When will you try to get pregnant again?
Wow, she isn’t even born yet and we already get this question?!
The plan for now is to have kids about 3 years apart. We would like one, possibly two, more. But God’s plans may be different!

Anything I can do to help?

You guys are the sweetest, most supportive friends and family. We are so blessed. Right now, we feel prepared. (as prepared as new parents can be!) When we need help (and we will), we will be sure to ask for it!

Do we have everything we need?
All we really need is a car seat, a safe place for her to sleep, my breasts, and some diapers. So yes, we have what we need. We’ll get any important remaining items off of the registry as we go. Like I said, we have been supremely blessed with hand-me-downs!

Are you going back to work?
The answer to this is still yes. I love working at the family business and we need my salary. But this might be the only loose end I have left. The day care thing still gives me nightmares. Remember this post?
The church day care we like best won’t take Kherington until June or July. I’m hoping that after my maternity leave (early March) I can do a combo of working from home and taking her to work with me in my private office. But I’ve yet to broach this with the boss boys. Call me a chicken, but I’m on the verge of tears just typing about it!

Will you continue with your photography?
YES! I am taking maternity leave from this work, too. But March 1st I’ll be back behind the lens and ready to go. I already have some events lined up, and with an ad in the yellow pages, I expect business to boom!

How did you keep from gaining too much weight?
Luck and good genes.

What strange cravings did you have?
You know, I really didn't. In the early weeks I had some aversions. When meat turned my stomach, I lived on grilled cheese and PB&J. I ate a lot of fruit the entire time, and drank a gallon of milk every three days. I've just started on a sweet tooth these last few weeks, but for the most part, my diet has been fairly balanced.

Will Kherington have a nick name?
This might be the most common question. Some people might call her Kheri from time to time, but her name is Kherington for a reason. We like the whole name. It isn’t any harder to say than Caroline or Christopher. Start using it, and you’ll get used to it. When typing or writing, feel free to use “K.” Now, terms of endearment are sweet… Princess, KherBear, Baby Girl… whatever suits her! :-)


Kristin said...

I miss being pregnant too! I swear I still go phantom kicks for a while. But holding my little er huge nugget is worth it all! You are one gorgeoud pregnant woman, that's for sure! Enjoy these last few days! Can't wait to hold little miss Kherington!!!

Kristin said...

Apparently I cannot type! Sorry about that. I meant "still got phantom..." and "gorgeous". Doh.

The Trost's said...

Just wanted to say that just because you are having a c-section does not mean you have to be separated from Kherington. The only reason they would need to take her from you is if she needs medical attention. I did not know this with my first (unplanned C), but with my 2nd scheduled C, I did my research. I nursed in the recovery room - less than 15 minutes after she was born. The hospital will tell you it is hospital policy - blah, blah, blah, but you have the right to say that she does not leave you and that you want to nurse her immediately (after you are stitched up of course).

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