Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{Nearly} Wordless Wednesday

And I thought Daddy's socks were easy to lose in the wash!


Jessica said...


Jen said...

Very cute! I bought a cute little washable garment bag for Matt's socks and I just throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer. Great way to keep from losing his sockers!

Kristin said...

I agree with Jen! I just do it for the kiddos socks, but what a great idea! Where in the world do all those solitary socks end up??

Less the ONE day!!!!

Dee Leos said...

Very excited for you!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! ONE MORE DAY and you'll get to use these! Where are you delivering? I'm getting so excited. You're going to post first thing, right? Like, right after. Forget holding that child, post pictures!!!! :)

You know I'm kidding, right?!

Mel Bowman said...

You, your husband, and your little girl are in my thoughts today. I hope all went well.

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