Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Months

Kherington is two months old today!

Baby K, at two months old you:

-Weigh 11 pounds and 12 ounces

-Are 21.75 inches long

-Stare at our faces and sometimes smile back

-Blow bubbles and gurgle

-Wear size 1 diapers and various cute cloth diapers

-Go to work with Mommy three days a week

-Love your bouncer, being worn, and being swaddled

-Enjoy classical music, the sound of the shower, and our ocean wave machine

-Love to look around and watch the world

-Sleep 4-7 hour stretches at night

-Hate being tickled on your feet

-Nurse every 2 to 3 hours during the day

-Rarely cry or fuss

-Laugh in your sleep

-Are filling out and wearing 0-3 month clothing

-Outgrow your clothes in length first

-Have blue eyes that are getting lighter and lighter

-Grab a chunk of your hair, scream, pull harder, scream louder, and can’t let go


Kristin Kneupper said...

Kherington, you are 2 months and just as perfect as can be!!! I love your little chunky-ish thighs!! You've got to slow down!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

Love those blue eyes sweet girl! We need to get some more pictures of your beautiful mommy on this blog now. You let her know we're anxious to see her sweet face too :)

Can't wait to meet you soon!

Heidi said...

She is growing so fast! Love ya!

Casey said...

Look at those long legs! Too cute.

sissy000 said...

That's our beautiful baby....growing like a weed and loved on by many!

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