Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Months

Kherington Grace is three months old today!

I can't believe how quickly our daughter is growing. We wake each day excited to see how she will change and develop. The simplest things are new and amazing. Life is so much fun.


Beautiful girl, at three months, you:

-Sleep in the crib in your room

-Weigh 14 pounds!

-Are 23.5 inches long

-Smile, coo, and laugh delightfully

-Sleep 8-9 hours at a strech

-Can do a mini push-up

-Bat at your toys

-Love when Daddy plays "BaBaBa" with you

-Only poop twice a week (doc says it's perfectly fine!)

-Can clear a room with your toots

-Sit up with assistance or in your bumbo

-Have almost outgrown size 1 diapers

-Love mirrors

-Still have gorgeous blue eyes

-Have discovered your hands and your eyebrows

-Blow bubbles and drool


Each day with you is a blessing!


Kristin Kneupper said...

I love those chubby legs!!! You can always spot a breastfed baby! She's gorgeous!!

Jessica said...

I love that - 'can clear a room with your toots' - she's going to be so proud reading over this someday!

Heidi said...

Love her love her lover her!

Jenni said...

awwww!!! getting so big so fast...slow it down K!!!

sissy000 said...

She is quite the trooper when running errands and hanging out with the old folks, too! Tuesday, Sissy got to keep her for the day! She much prefers her mom's breast for meals, I can tell you! (No, I didn't try to substitute mine! HA!) She and I visited 84 year old Aunt Mary Frances, went to Jazzercise and enjoyed watching the old ladies jump around, dined on an outside patio and watched the birds in the bird bath, went shopping, etc. She was a perfect little doll!

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