Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Things

If you know me or read this blog, you know that I adore motherhood.

Every moment is such a blessing that I don't even mind the sleepless nights and poopy diapers. {Not that I have many of either}

BUT... there are some drawbacks. I don't mean baby weight, stretch marks, bodily fluids, crankiness, colic, or sore nipples.

Here are my three least favorite things about motherhood...

1. The Great Hair Shed that occurs around 4 months. {I mean me, but Kherington may be next}

2. Day care prices that rival mortgage payments. ouch.

3. When people park so close to you that you can't even get the car seat in the vehicle. {and yes, I'm perfectly aware I used to be one of the aforementioned people in my huge red truck}


Jenn said...

1) Still happens. McKenna is 3.5. I have to keep a swiffer in the bathroom if I want to stay married to a man who hates hair on his feet.

2) $836 for McKenna. I know that baby prices are more than that. It's sickening.

3) Even when you don't have a car seat to drag out it's annoying.

I'm glad you're loving this motherhood gig! It's pretty fun!

KrisKay said...

Mine is #3 for sure! I try to park next to a cart return... it's my only chance most times!

You're a lovely mother, that's for sure!

Bobbie said...

1)Still happens to me too! Luckily, Sam doesn't care and I have a cordless hand-held dirt devil that I LOVE!
2)The 2nd biggest reason I'm a stay at home mom
3)I'm with Kristen- Especially when you have more than 1, if you don't park by the cart return, you have to leave your kids in the car by themselves to return the cart...but I will say the minivan eliminates the door opening problem:)

Rob and Nicole said...

I totally agree! We always try to park by the cart return! My hair is falling out in handfuls and I have "bald spots" that make me look like I have more of a receding hairline than Rob (not a good thing). I am lucky on the number 2, I have a friend that is a stay at home mom and she watches Abigail for not much at all-she is awesome! I love being a mommy and wouldn't change it for the world!

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