Friday, May 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper Review/Giveaway

I am a part-time cloth diapering mama. Read about my decision to cloth diaper here. Read about how I do it, here.

I've been keeping notes and forming opinions on the diapers I own. Keep in mind that I've only been doing this about 4 months and my opinions are based upon a 15 pound baby girl that is not a heavy wetter or a frequent pooper.


Now for the reviews...


Diaper-Thirsties Duo Pocket Diapers
Approximate Cost- $18.50
One Place to Buy- No Pins Required
Pros- These diapers are designed with double leg gussets to hold in leaks… great idea. They also have a narrow crotch that looks more comfortable on baby. These diapers claim that you don’t need to remove the insert from the pocket to wash. This is true… but I’ve found that every single one of my pocket diapers agitates loose in the wash.
Cons- I am not a fan of this velcro… it is unreliable and could pop off at any time! Despite the leg gussets, this diaper leaks. This size is supposed to fit until 18 pounds or 9 months and it is already too small. The extra leg snaps seem to dig into chunky thighs.
My Take- I had high hopes for this diaper and am disappointed. I wish they would redesign it with improvements and snaps. B-


Diaper- Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover
Approximate Cost- $12.50
One Place to Buy- Franklin Goose
Pros- Holds in all leaks! Double leg gussets and great fit.
Cons- Must be used with a fitted diaper, a prefold, or a disposable underneath. It takes 4 sizes to get from birth to potty training.
My Take- This is great for trips. I put it over a disposable and know I won’t have leaks. They just made some with snaps, and next time I’ll get those. A-


Diaper- Bum Genius One Size All in One Organic
Approximate Cost- $24.95
One Place to Buy- Full Circle Baby (New Braunfels!)
Pros- Never leaks, nothing to stuff/insert, great absorbency, simple. This diaper has a great fit.
Cons- Since the inserts are sewn in, you can’t adjust for heavy or light wetters. This diaper takes forever to dry. I put in dryer and then hang on the line. The extra leg snaps seem to press into her thighs, but she never seems to notice. Might be bulky for a baby on the move.
My Take- I love this diaper for overnight or times when I expect heavy wetting. This is simple enough for beginners; you really can’t screw it up. A


Diaper- gDiapers {with cloth and disposable inserts}
Approximate Cost- $15 (plus disposable inserts at $0.45 each or cloth inserts 6/$25)
One Place to Buy-
Pros- gDiapers are cute with a great fit and thin, flexible material. Soft leg gussets are a huge plus. You can trash poopy disposable inserts and know it is still good for the environment. Seems to be crawling-friendly.
Cons-Disposable inserts are a bit pricey. (10 cents more than disposables can add up) Poops can be messy, as it often gets on the liner and needs to be rinsed. Cloth inserts can leak. {maybe because I am using generic cloth inserts?} You need 3 sizes to get from birth to potty training. {But you need fewer covers since you don't have to wash them very often}
My Take- I love these and would use them all the time if the inserts were a little cheaper. I wasn’t crazy about them at first, but they’ve grown on me so much. I love the disposable inserts and that the covers rarely need to be washed. The velcro has never unsnapped on Kherington, but it has in the dryer. It takes a minute to get the liner and insert in place, but it is my go-to diaper. A


Diaper- Blueberry Minky Pocket Diapers
Approximate Cost- $32.97
One Place to Buy-
Pros- Adorable designs and super soft minky! These diapers don’t leak. Two insert options, a large one that has one microfiber and two hemp pieces and a smaller one for small babies or to use as a doubler for heavy wetters.
Cons- The inserts are sewn together, so you have to use all 3 layers at once. It should fit her for a long time, so right now the extra fabric on the wings is a bit annoying. Quite pricey.
My Take- If the inserts came separately instead of sewn, I’d be thrilled. I love this diaper, but it would be quite expensive to buy several of them. But splurging for one or two extra cute ones is fun. Better for chunky babies. A-


Diaper- Blueberry Mini Deluxe Pocket Diapers
Approximate Cost- $18.90
One Place to Buy- Diaper Ware
Pros- Perfect for babies under 10 pounds. No leaks.
Cons- Liners are sewn together.
My Take- Excellent diaper if you want to cloth diaper a newborn… but they poop so often at that age that I found disposables much easier. A-


Diaper- FuzziBunz Perfect Size Pocket Diaper
Approximate Cost- $18.95
One Place to Buy- Cotton Babies
Pros- Thin, light, and flexible shell. Great fit, not too bulky. Seems to be crawling-friendly.
Cons- Crotch seems a bit wide.
My Take- I really like these diapers and they seem comfortable for Kherington. Never lets me down. A+


Diaper- Totsbots Bamboozles
Approximate Cost- $20
One Place to Buy- Cotton Tail Baby
Pros- Super, super soft and absorbent. 4 layers of bamboo.
Cons- Crazy wide crotch. Not waterproof and seems too bulky to fit under a cover. (at least until she is much older)
My Take- This diaper is still too big for Kherington, so I don’t use it yet. I love the softness, but it just doesn’t seem practical to shove it under a cover. B-


Diaper- Kissaluvs 2.0 Cotton Fleece Fitted Cloth Diaper
Approximate Cost- $12.95
One Place to Buy- Kissaluvs
Pros- Very affordable. Great, snug fit. Very soft. Fits skinny and chunky babies.
Cons- Bulky under a diaper cover. When changing, you still have to touch the wetness. Poop stains don't rinse out very well and I always need to hang it in the sun.
My Take- Using a pocket or AIO is so much easier. B

Still to come! Reviews of the following:
Chubby Cheeks AI2 One Size with Bamboo (waaaay cute fabrics!)
Kushies Swim Diapers
The Flip Diapering System
Bum Genius 3.0 Pocket Diaper

I'm giving away a size medium Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover because I want to hear from you! What diapers do you love, hate, and love to hate?!

Contest ends June 1st at noon, central.
How to enter:
-Become a follower {if you aren't already}, and then leave me a comment. If you cloth diaper, tell me what diapers you love or hate. If you are curious about trying, tell me which you'd like to try. If you have no interest in cloth diapering but still want to enter... well then, just tell me I'm pretty!
-Enter a second time by blogging about this contest and then leaving me another comment telling me you've done so.

Good luck!


The winner is Sara R Jennings! I'll contact you about shipping your Size Medium, Green Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover. Congrats!

Thank you to everyone for your input!
{You can still leave comments on this post, but the contest is now closed}

UPDATE! Kherington is now 9 months old and my go-to diaper is the Bum Genius 4.0 with the insert sewn in!


Rob and Nicole said...

I have been soooo looking forward to this review and I must say it was well worth the wait, AWESOME!!!! I have only tried the flip system and I really like it but have a hard time keeping the insert in place (covering the heiney and front part), but so far (knock on wood) no leaks! I only have 1 days worth and have ordered bumgenius 3.0. I want to find what will work best for use before I invest, as we are trying to watch our spending. So far I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERING!!!!! Thanks!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Great review! I cd'd my nephew, mostly w/ Bm Genius and FB's. I love them both :)

KrisKay said...

I've been using Bum Genius 3.0 OS pocket diapers for nearly 3 years (on 2 boys) and I love them. I did have to replace the velcro a few months ago. I also had to boil them a few times as well as use good ole' blue Dawn to stip them (they started smelling like ammonia)... but after all that they're still kickin'! They are simple to put on and rarely leak. Sometimes they're a bit messy to launder, but not too bad. I also use Thirsties covers with Indian prefolds and snappies and they work great too. My favorite overnight diaper is Baby Beehind (it's very similar to the Kissaluv you have). And I love Bum Genius Bottom cleaner... but I found a great recipe to make my own which is great too. I also just use baby washcloths instead of wipes (simply because I have a gazillion!) If I had the opportunity to start over from scratch I would do like you and get a variety of them and see which worked best for me. Every baby is different! (I LOVE all of K's diaper shots... especially the ones where she's standing up!) Great post Chels!

Mel Bowman said...

We have bumGenius OS and happy heinys OS and I love them! The HH are especially good for toddlers, as they are much larger than the BGs. When my son was little we used Thirsties and I loved them, too. Another great diaper is made by Nana's Bottoms.

Have a great day!

Jessica said...

Very interesting!!

I hope to be a cloth diapering Mom someday!!

Jessica said...

I cloth diapered my second child and used plain old prefolds with some Bummis covers plus a few BumGenius OS for being out and about. I am expecting another one soon and plan on getting some fancier diapers. Thanks for the review since some of those are on my list! I'm looking forward to see how you like the Flip diapers too =)

Jessica said...

I blogged about it here:

Jessica said...

I'm a new follower of your blog. Right now I'm really enjoying the Preston's Pants diaper that I have. I'm not big on snap closures but this is such a great diaper.

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I follow your blog!
I am a lover of pocket diapers.
My favorite diapers are Rumparooz with snaps. They are such high quality and hold in every mess that is thrown its way! I wish all my diapers were RaR. I have BG and HH and I like them alright, btu they have velcro and the velcro does NOT hold up well. The diapers with velcro look so worn and the velcro is pilling and not super sticky anymore. I prefer snaps.
es1237 at gmail dot com

Colleen M said...

I became a follower of your blog! Our little guy is 4 months old and we use only cloth diapers. We have only tried Bummis covers with prefolds so far but are very interested in trying new types of cloth diapers.

colljerr at comcast dot net

Waiting... said...

I'm a follower now! Thanks for the reviews! I am planning on CDing and am looking forward to making it all work. I am definitely interested in the Thirsties Duo diapers. I have a few wraps already, so I may end up getting a few of the diapers too.

mariahm22 at gmail dot com

jdeemarie said...

We've been clothdiapering for a long time now, and have tried quite a few diapers. My favorite everyday diaper is a pinned GMD (Green Mountain Diapers) prefold with a Flip cover. When we go out I love to use my one-size FuzziBunz and Rumparooz diapers.
The only diaper that we could never get to work for us was a Baby Kanga. Newborn to potty-training, we could never get it tight enough around the legs.

jdeemarie @

sararjennings said...

I am a follower. I love BG 3.0 they are so easy to use and they fit both DD who is 5 months old and DS who is almost 3. When we run out of trainers I often throw one on DS. I have had leaking issues with a few other styles. But I also love Fuzzi Bunz AIO.


sararjennings said...

I blogged your giveaway and stole a pic...


The Jacobsen Family! said...

We will be cloth diapering in September when our baby is born. I really dont have a favorite that I'm especially looking forward to trying... I'm looking forward to trying as many as I can so we find our favorite! =)
garyandalesha at cox dot net

The Vermilya Family said...

Thanks for all the is difficult to decide on diapering system since our little one isn't due until Sept....Fuzzibuns and Rumparooz sound like good quality diapers. I am excited to try them!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

I cannot say enough how helpful your list of reviews will be for me! I just started cding this month (it took me until my third child to get on board ;), but I absolutely LOVE my Flip diapers so far. Even my hubby has found them to be super easy to use! I am your newest follower.

Amy Walker said...

I've mainly been using prefolds and covers and I LOVE Thirsties Duo covers. As far as my favorite diaper so far, I'd have to say my small stash of Bum Genuis that I use for going out. So far I haven't hated any, but soon I'm going to be trying a few more kinds! Thanks for this review!!!!

chelsealush said...

I havnt started to cloth diaper yet but I am very interested. I am leaning towards pockets and have heard mixed emotions about gDiapers. There is a lot to learn about the different styles, how to size, wash ext. Your review was great though!

Dawn said...

I have not tried Thirsties yet but my favs are FuzziBunz and BumGenius AIO

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