Sunday, May 2, 2010


I have a confession to make...

I think our daughter looks like me.


Everyone says she looks exactly like Skip.

To be fair, I said the same thing at first. Like him, she currently has soft rounded features, while mine are sharp and angular. But the fact is, all babies are soft and round for awhile. {yummy breastmilk chubbin' her up!}

We don't actually know what/who she will look like yet.

Don't get me wrong... I'll be thrilled if Kherington looks like her handsome father. And someday I want a little boy that is his spitting image.

But I am with her all day, every day and I see me.

I see my own expressions... my smile, my pout, and my eyes. Without a doubt, my daughter looks like my baby photos and sometimes her facial expressions make me feel like I'm looking in a mirror.

So while I am proud when (hundreds of) people say "She's beautiful, she looks just like her Daddy..." I wonder why no one ever sees what I see.

Maybe it is silly that I need others to see what Kherington got from me. My love for her isn't based on inheritated traits. I know if I adopted a child I'd love him/her just as fiercly... and I'd probably still look for bits of myself.

I'm just so proud of my child and my future children! I know the glory belongs to God, but we all have our pride ya know?

Just once I want to hear "Your daughter is beautiful, she looks a lot like you!"

No matter who Kherington takes after as her features start looking more girl and less baby... we know that God has given us an amazing gift and we just strive to raise a beautiful person who lives a Godly life.

And knowing that she is cute as pie... well, that's just icing on the cake!


sissy000 said...

Well, I've never been able to identify a young baby as to who they physically look. (Then, again, I don't know how old people look to be either.) I just know KG will have the best of both of your personalities.... kindness, thoughtfulness, sweetness, intelligence, and love for your God and families!

Jenni said...

I completely agree with can you not want others to see you in your child...especially when you're the one who carried them for 9-10 months! People always told me Matt looked like his dad...till they say he looks like me with his daddy's eyes. I don't know whether to preen or worry for the kid!

Either way, Kherington is a beautiful little girl!!!

Courtney S. said...

This is a great post. The same thing happens with me. I see me in Zane. And a lot of people say they see Zack. A few (on my side naturally) say he looks like me. But strangers always say Zack. I don't know why it bugs me. It shouldn't. I think Zack is handsome and would be proud to have a child that looked like him. If he indeed looked like him. But Zane, looks like me. Period. lol

p.s. my verification word was "hummer" bahahaha

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