Thursday, May 20, 2010




We celebrate four years as husband and wife and four months as Mommy & Daddy.


Skip and I have been together 8.5 years, but these last four have been a dream come true. We have nurtured a healthy, loving marriage that is the ideal foundation for our growing family. God has truly blessed us.

Of course, we celebrated our anniversary in style. Last night we road tripped to Austin (leaving Kherington with Sissy & Tai-Pan for her first overnight!). We have a four year tradition of eating at Hooter's for our anniversary. I realize that most people wouldn't consider this romantic... but Skip has promised a trip to an exotic Hooters for our tenth anniversary! I'm thinking Aruba or the Virgin Islands!


After dinner we went to a Doug Moreland concert at Hill's Cafe...


And then caught Dale Watson at the Broken Spoke for some true Texas boot scootin'!


I am so in love and so very, very happy.


Happy anniversary baby!


Bobbie said...

SO glad y'all got a night out! Sam and i started dating in '02 and married in '06...what good years:) How did K do overnight?

Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you two were able to get away and spend a night together alone! How special!

sissy000 said...

Kherington did great overnight! She enjoyed several stroller rides, had tummy exercises on the bed with the cats, sat in her buppy (whatever that thing is called) as the "table centerpiece" while Sissy and TaiPan had dinner, had a bath in Sissy's sink, enjoyed Mom's breast milk through an eyedropper, had her first/second helping of cereal, and slept ten hours straight! What fun we had! Sissy and TaiPan

DeDe said...

My favorite couple of great kids. I'm glad you were able to go have fun. What a Blessing for all of us that God brought the two of you together.
Personally, I think Sissy and TaiPan had the most fun.

KrisKay said...

Conagrats! Such a fun celebration! Phillip and my first official date was at Hooter's (my choice)! I'm glad that K did well and you guys had fun! I love that last pic of you and Skip!!!

Heidi said...

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you both had a wonderful time!

Kent and Jenna said...

Happy belated anniversary!

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