Monday, May 3, 2010


Three {and a quarter} Month Portraits...






Lauren Lea Warren said...

Dude! not just saying this because of your last post, but she really is beginning to look like you! Gorgeous!

KrisKay said...

I don't know who she looks like, but she's gorgeous for sure!!! You can't even tell my little boys are mine, they don't look like me at all!! But, I'm hoping for some of my traits so shine through, we'll see!

Rosalie and David said...

look at that pudge, she is delicious, so smooth and yummy. sorry i like to compare babies to food, they are just so edible! and her piercing blue eyes are stunning!

Heidi said...

I love that face and smile and eyes! She is amazing!

sissy000 said...

WOW! Those photos just ABOUT do her justice in person! She is a beauty and I can't wait to get home to snuggle her up close to Sissy!

Brooke said...

Absolutely OOC out of control!!! She is gorgeous!! Gerber Baby for sure!

Rob and Nicole said...

She is too cute! Ok, when are you going to do your cloth diaper review? I just got my day pack of flip diapers, and I like them, but they are the first I have tried. I want to start mainly using cloth diapers but with the costly investment it is (as you know) I want to get the best! Looking forward to your post!

Paige said...

Love those sweet rolls!!

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