Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Two Cents

-Gourmet dog food found in your grocer's refrigerator?! Eww. Give me a break.

-Our little girl is full of smiles all day long. But when I bring out my camera or a video camera, it is near impossible to catch one. Doesn't Kherington know she is a photographer's daughter?!

-Breastfeeding is amazing and has hundreds of benefits for mom and baby. Why in the world wouldn't you at least try it?!

-People often call Kherington a boy. "How old is your little boy?" And that truly doesn't bother me... she isn't always in pink, her ears aren't pierced (soon though!), and most of my baby things are gender neutral. So I just politely say "She is 3 and a half months" and move on. No worries. But honestly... if you aren't sure, why don't you just say "your baby?"

-They really need to hurry up with the male birth control pill. My options are limited with my clotting issues. I tried the mini pill and it hurt my milk supply so I gave them the 'ol heave-ho. Shouldn't men do this one thing for us? {since I know you are going to ask... yes, we want more kids, but preferably about 3 years apart}

-Does anyone really replace the original cap on the mylicon drops instead of just using the dropper? I understand why they recommend it... but I'm too lazy to bother.

-I've heard some horrible things about the new Pampers Dry Max causing awful diaper rash and blisters... beware! What better time to try cloth diapers?! {but I use pampers baby dry overnight and love them}

-I wish losing weight was as much fun as gaining it.

-I'm addicted to Can't. Stay. Away. I love criss-cross swing tops for little girls and I just had my new friend Curious Georgia custom make this adorable outfit for Kherington. {I know, I know... my child does NOT need more clothing!} But maybe yours does... so check her out!

-Uptight Moms make me laugh. Parenting is supposed to be fun, people. relax!

-There is this amazing new church opening near us called Hope Arise. It is young and fresh and full of {everlasting} life! If you are inclined to check it out, their first real service is this Sunday!

-Our family is up to something BIG! We are so proud of Skip, but aren't quite ready to announce his good news. Details forthcoming...

-I really am working on the cloth diaper review. It is a lot of data to acquire and analyze! Hopefully Friday...


Heidi said...

That outfit is ADORABLE! Her cowboy boots will go perfect with it! Hehe Hope Arise looks amazing I wish I lived there!

Loni said...

I never understood the mylicon thing either.. if it's safe to put in their mouth why can't I leave it where it is... I'm with you, it stayed in.

KrisKay said...

I'm with you on the Mylicon thing too! I always "think" about not putting it back in, but then I always go for it! I don't think uptight moms WANT to be that way! I know I don't, that's why I'm working on it! HA. Can't wait to hear about Skip's NEWS!!! On the BC issue... I'm no help, but I've heard really, really bad things about YAZ. My friend's a nurse and she said that one lady has died at her hospital 2 months after giving birth and several other women have had bad things happen to them:( So steer clear of that! I don't think that's an option for you anyway, but still. I love ETSY too!

One day she will learn to smile on cammand for ya! It might take a while though... lol. She is just as gorgeous stone-faced as she is smiling!

Paige said...

You are killing me! So funny

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